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4A Bubble

"We're not just blowing bubbles, we're making bubble art!" - SpongeBob, Bubblestand

Bubble-blowing is one of the many activities SpongeBob and Patrick love doing. While Patrick is no pro at it and Squidward is completely irked by what the sponge can do, SpongeBob has mastered bubble art and can create dazzling shapes with a stream of breath through his wand. While bubbles may seem like a "little-kids" thing to many, it is a talent SpongeBob is skilled at and enjoys doing in many different ways. This guide provides info on the normal and nonsensical forms of bubbles on the show.

The Technique
Bubbles in the Episodes
The Forms of Bubble Art
Bubble Buddy
Prince Paul's Bubble Party's Bubble Games

The Technique
Introduced in "Bubblestand", SpongeBob doesn't blow the perfect bubble without preparation. In fact, he has a system of events that he does before he blows the bubble.

"First go like this, spin around, STOP. Double-take three times. One, two, three. And...calva-thrust! Whoo! Whoo! Step on your right foot, don't forget it! Now it's time to bring it around town, bring it around town. Then you do this, then this, and this, then this, then that, then this and that, and then..." Blow the bubble, creating an amazing shape.

Or, in other, more complicated words:

Bend down and bring your left leg behind you. Spin around. Stop. Swiftly look over your right shoulder three times. Propel yourself through the air a little bit off the ground back and forth. Step on your right foot. Move your body, but not your legs, in clockwise circles. Slam your back on the ground twice. Turn your body into a circle, then a zig-zag-boomerang type shape, a triangle. Make half of your body round like a donut and the other half goes through the middle of the hole, like putting your finger through a donut. Flatten yourself and then make your two eyes form one. Blow the bubble.

10A Bubble

Bubbles in the Episodes
Bubblestand: SpongeBob opens a bubble business, building a stand in his front yard and charging 25 cents to blow. He creates impressive bubble forms, like elephants, ducks and boats. Patrick keeps borrowing quarters and Squidward isn't able to blow anything until he does SpongeBob's infamous technique.
Naughty Nautical Neighbors: SpongeBob and Patrick whisper through bubbles from each other's yards and when they reach one another, they pop, playing the message the other sent.
Pickles: SpongeBob blows a bubble when facing off against Bubble Bass at the Krusty Krab.
Culture Shock: SpongeBob's act he plans on performing at the Krusty Krab's talent show has him dancing along with a bubble hippo.
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: In the pointless game SpongeBob and Patrick play in the beginning, SpongeBob blows a bubble "G7", which tells Patrick where to move...or something. At the end of the episode, Patrick and SpongeBob send Squidward off to a "better place" to rest by floating him in a bubble to the surface.
Suds: Patrick, wanting a lollipop from the doctor, fakes he has the Suds too by blowing a bubble.
Valentine's Day: SpongeBob blows Sandy a chocolate syrup heart bubble to show he's "bubbles for her."
Bubble Buddy: The star of the episode, Bubble Buddy, is a guy who was blown by SpongeBob. He has his own money, suitcase, hat and cab, all made of bubbles. At the end of the episode, Squidward gets to know a bubble.
Dying for Pie: Squidward thinks the lethal pie SpongeBob ingested exploded, but the blow was really caused by SpongeBob blowing bomb-shaped bubbles.
Wormy: When Wormy the butterfly is thought to be a monster, SpongeBob traps him in a bubble.
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: SpongeBob saves him and Kevin's group by distracting the angry King Jellyfish with a bubble pie.
The Secret Box: One of SpongeBob's gazillion secrets he tells Patrick involves bubble-blowing.
Frankendoodle: Patrick and SpongeBob play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, using bubbles to represent each shape instead of their hands.
One Krabs Trash: SpongeBob uses the soda-drinking hat he got from Krabs to blow bubbles.
Idiot Box: Squidward sees the giant package SpongeBob got in the mail, remarking, "He probably ordered a lifetime supply of bubble soap."
Wet Painters: SpongeBob accidentally makes a giant paint bubble with a hairdryer while painting Krabs's house, so to make matters worse (literally), Patrick blows his own giant paint bubble.
Party Pooper Pants: SpongeBob blows the word "FUN" in bubble letters during the "Down, Down, Down" song.
My Pretty Seahorse: SpongeBob blows a bubble heart and Mystery neighs with glee.
Ugh: SpongeGar blows a bubble using a log instead of a wand.
Krabby Land: Entertaining the children, SpongeBob tries showing off his bubble art but the kids aren't amused; they enjoy SpongeBob getting bubble soap into his eyes more.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: SpongeBob and Patrick's handsoap "bubble party" in the restroom results in a bubble floating out to the bar area. To find the "baby" who made it, a test using the Goofy Goober song (a "baby" would start singing the song without being able to stop themself) to reveal the offender is used.
Shell of a Man: SpongeBob's "manly" yarn involves his bubble supply being dangerously low in Jellyfish Fields.
Patrick SmartPants: SpongeBob tries getting Patrick to play by tempting him with a new bottle of bubble soap. Also, SpongeBob zooms off his feet and into the sky and writes the word "Yippie" in bubbles when he learns Patrick's kidnapping him.


The Forms of Bubble Art:
Ducks, caterpillar, boat, an elephant, butterfly
Culture Shock: A hippopotamus, vaudeville hats, canes
Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: A "G7"
Valentine's Day: A chocolate heart
Bubble Buddy: A bubble man, who later is seen with his own money, hat, suitcase and cab
Dying for Pie: Bombs
I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: Pie
Frankendoodle: Scissors and paper
Party Pooper Pants: The word "FUN"
My Pretty Seahorse: A heart
Krabby Land: A jellyfish and a unicorn
Patrick SmartPants: The word "Yippie"

23B Bubble

Bubble Buddy
In the episode "Bubble Buddy", SpongeBob can't find anyone to play with. Sandy went to land for winter (which is only in her dome), Patrick isn't home and Squidward doesn't want to. Instead, SpongeBob creates his own seemingly lifeless friend with the blow of a bubble wand: Bubble Buddy. They sit on a seasaw and SpongeBob takes him to the Krusty Krab and orders him everything on the menu. Krabs is thrilled and orders Squidward to treat him like royalty and do every picky thing SpongeBob orders. In the end, tensions are high when it turns out Bubble Buddy paid for the meal in bubble money. SpongeBob takes Bubble Buddy to the beach and more people are upset when Bubble Buddy uses the port-o-potty for two hours with a big line waiting, the bubble shakes hands with Pearl and cleans off her filth she got from a celebrity, and SpongeBob makes a comment that insults some dancers. Everybody pulls out needles and forms a circle around SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy to pop the bubble. However, Bubble Buddy comes to life and takes off in a cab.

Prince Paul's Bubble Party
A song called Prince Paul's Bubble Party is track #5 on the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie soundtrack, performed by Prince Paul and Wordsworth. It uses sound clips from Bubblestand and the lyrics describe events that happened in the episode. Lyrics:

Voiceover from "Bubble Stand":
Can I intrest you in some lessons? Only 25 cents.
Uh...very well, then
Good morning to you, sir. Would you care to blow a bubble?
Ooh. Ooh. How much is it?

It's a nice day and the water's cool
SpongeBob's looking for something to do
To earn money and stay out of trouble
He built his own stand for blowing bubbles
Squidward said no one in the water
Wants to blow bubbles and pay him a quarter
But Patrick would if he had to spend it
He's not worried, SpongeBob will lend it
SpongeBob gave him the bubble wand
So Patrick could have to blow bubbles on
Used his breath, then borrowed 25 cents
Again from SpongeBob to get some lessons

First go like this, spin around, STOP (It's all in the technique)
Double-take three times (All right)
One, two, three (technique)
First go like, spin around, STOP (It's all in the technique)
Double-take three times (All right)
And...calva-thrust (It's all in the technique)

Bubbles could be any size
Big as elephants, small as butterflies
Round as a ball, like boats and ducks
Use one or two hands to blow them up
So if you want your bubbles not to pop
I suggest that you check out SpongeBob and watch

Now it's time to bring it around town
Bring it around town (Round and round)
Then you do this (Round and round)
And this and this and that and this and that and this and that and then -- (Round and round)
How can you two possibly make all this noise just blowing bubbles?
Bubbles, bubbles
Bubbles, bubbles

Squidward couldn't blow bubbles at first
Because it wouldn't work or would quickly burst
Blowing bubbles, he thought was easy to do
Lessons from SpongeBob, he needed them too
He blew so hard, he got red cheeks
Then tried SpongeBob's blowing technique

It's all, it's all, it's all, it's all
It's all in the technique
First go like this, spin around, STOP (It's all in the technique)
Double-take three times (All right)
One, two, three (It's all in the technique)
First go like this (like this), spin around, STOP (It's all in the technique)
Double-take three times (All right)
And...calva-thrust (It's all in the technique)

La da de, la da doo, la da dum (That's just annoying!)
La da de, la da doo, la da dum (Blowing bubbles)
La da de, la da doo, la da dum (It's all in the technique)
La da de, la da doo, la da dum (It's all in the technique)
Who blew this bubble?

Bubble Gram Game Bubble Games
Bikini Bottom Carnival Part One!: One of the mini-games, Bikini Bottom Sharpshooter, involves shooting the bad guys with a bubble gun.
Bikini Bottom or Bust: Based on "Rock Bottom", SpongeBob must fly up through the trench using his glove balloon to get home. On the way he must pop bubbles, including ones shaped like pies, ducks, ice cubes and butterflies.
Bubble Ball: Keep the bubble going back and forth between SpongeBob and Patrick.
Crater Crossing: SpongeBob has to get across the crater to rescue Gary, mainly by hopping across bubbles.
SpongeBob's Bubble Bustin' Game: Based on the movie, SpongeBob must pop bubbles inside the Tug Thug.
SpongeBob's Bubblegram Game: Send bubble butterflies, ducks and boats over to Patrick's house without Squidward's music popping them.

Last updated 26 July 2006. Written exclusively for The Mermalair. A HUGE thank-you to SpongeBuddy Mania for allowing The Mermalair to use their pictures in this guide (excluding the Bubblegram game pic; that's an original =) ). Anything missing? Contact me.