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Episode Title: "Valentine's Day"
Episode Airing Number: 16
Episode Production Number: 16
Original Airdate: February 14, 2000
Season: 1
On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season", "Tales From the Deep"
On VHS: "Bikini Bottom Bash!"
Aired With Episode: "The Paper"
Running Time: 11:03

Storyboard Director: Chuck Klein
Storyboard Artist: Jay Lender
Writers: Chuck Klein, Jay Lender and Merriwether Williams
Animation Director: Fred Miller
Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob's Valentine's Day gift to Patrick is a chocolate hot air balloon, but he has difficulties getting it to him.
Story: It's Valentine's Day, and SpongeBob spreads his cheer by giving the citizens of Bikini Bottom valentines. At the Treedome, SpongeBob and Sandy go over a plan to give Patrick his present: a big hot air balloon made of chocolate. SpongeBob plans to take Patrick to a carnival and when at the top of the Ferris wheel, Sandy will fly in the balloon.
SpongeBob walks over to Patrick's house and tells him he has a big surprise for him. Patrick begs to know what it is, but SpongeBob won't tell. SpongeBob brings an excited Patrick to the carnival. Meanwhile, Sandy's flying the chocolate balloon to the carnival when scallops invade it. Back at the carnival, SpongeBob leaves Patrick guessing what his surprise is. While Pat's gone "checking" Mount Climb Up and Fall Off for his gift, Sandy alerts SpongeBob through walkie-talkie that she's going to be late because she's fighting off scallops attacking the balloon. SpongeBob nervously tells Patrick that his present's on the Ferris wheel.
On top of the Ferris wheel, SpongeBob tells Patrick to look off in the distance for his surprise. Sandy alerts him on the walkie-talkie that the balloon is still swarmed with scallops. A scallop bites a hole in it and sends it down. Instead, SpongeBob tells Patrick that his surprise is a friendly handshake. Patrick is let down but knows it's the thought that counts...until he sees SpongeBob got a bunch of other people material gifts. This drives Patrick insane, causing him to destroy things and scare people. When he's about to get SpongeBob, Sandy shows up with the balloon patched up. Patrick refuses to believe she's behind him with his surprise until she says hi to him and he turns around. Thrilled with his gift, he bites it - causing it to splatter everywhere.

Song: (none)


Sandy: Happy Valentine's Day, SpongeBob. I'm "nuts" for you. *hands him heart-shaped acorn with an arrow going through it*
SpongeBob: Well, I'm "bubbles" for you, Sandy. *blows heart-shaped bubble out of chocolate syrup*

SpongeBob: Hi Patrick.
Patrick: *facing opposite direction, holding a heart-shaped rock* Hello?
SpongeBob: Patrick, it's me, SpongeBob.
Patrick: *to rock* SpongeBob? What are you doing in there?
SpongeBob: Patrick!
Patrick: Oh, my gosh! SpongeBob's stuck inside this rock! *screams* Hold on buddy, I'll get you out! *crushes rock*

SpongeBob: Do you want to ruin the surprise?
Patrick: Yes!

Patrick: I can't find it here in the carnival...because it's on top of Mount Climb Up and Fall Off!

Patrick: That's the big gift? You got me a handshake?

Patrick: *to man in heart character costume* I DEFY YOU HEART MAN! *tears costume in half* Patrick: *sees a girl's lollipop* HEART ON STICK MUST DIE! *snaps it in half*

Patrick: You broke my heart! Now I'm going to break something of yours!

Patrick: You must think I'm pretty dumb, huh?
Crowd: Yes! Turn around!


SpongeBob's Valentine's Day gifts to people:
-Squidward: Valentine
-Mrs. Puff: Valentine
-Plankton: Miniature valentine
-Sandy: Chocolate bubble
-Patrick: Handshake, chocolate balloon
-Fran: Box of chocolates
-Dave: Roses
-Woman: A bicycle

Things Patrick incorrectly guesses are his Valentine's Day present:
-The carnival
-A quarter
-Cotton candy
-A tent
-A man standing in line for a ride
-Paramecium under a microscope
-A gift on Mount Climb Up and Fall Off

Fortune Teller's Tent The tent that Patrick thinks is his Valentine's Day present appears to say Madame Fishy, Fortune Teller. There is a game next to the tent that is called Toss A Clam.

Carnival Ride The guy that Patrick thinks is his Valentine's Day present is waiting to ride the Heart-A-Whirly. This is a ride very similar to the Tilt-A-Whirl, containing heart-shaped cars that spin as they go in circles.

Injured After repeatedly jumping off the cliff, Patrick is covered in dirt and there's a hole in the backside of his pants.

Falling Apart The chocolate hot air balloon's basket falls off while Sandy fights the scallops.

Secret Not Revealed Patrick apparently doesn't hear a word SpongeBob or Sandy say about the balloon on the walkie-talkies on top of the Ferris wheel.

Unnoticed As Patrick rocks the Ferris wheel and makes it hop up and down, a fish stands there without noticing them and licks ice cream.

Patrick and His Hand Patrick glares at his hand that he shook with SpongeBob while bouncing in an inflatable bouncing house, going down a roller coaster, walking through a fun house and sitting on a bench.