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Episode Title: "Patrick SmartPants"
Episode Airing Number: 66
Episode Production Number: (?)
Original Airdate: October 21, 2005
Season: 4
On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 1"
On VHS: (none)
Aired With Episode: "SquidBob Tentacle Pants"
Running Time: 11:01

Storyboard Directors: Casey Alexander and Chris Mitchell
Writers: Casey Alexander, Chris Mitchell and Tim Hill
Technical Director: Vincent Waller
Animation Director: Tom Yasumi
Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Patrick becomes smart after a head injury, causing him and SpongeBob to drift apart.

Story: SpongeBob and Patrick run around laughing and jellyfishing at Jellyfish Fields. During a game of tag, Patrick is running from SpongeBob when he runs right off a cliff. Lodged in the ground is the top of Patrick's head, which SpongeBob puts on Patrick. Instantly, he becomes intelligent, with a bigger vocabulary, new accent and an interest in books instead of jellyfishing. SpongeBob doesn't like the new, less fun Patrick.
When SpongeBob visits Patrick, he finds him studying through a periscope. They go visit Squidward, where Patrick becomes his musical mentor to help with his clarinet music. SpongeBob leaves, and quickly Patrick finds Squidward's musical skills awful and leaves also. Sponge wants to do something fun, but Patrick thinks they are growing apart. He suggests the two go their separate ways. This saddens SpongeBob.
Wanting help, SpongeBob turns to Sandy, but he finds her and Patrick enjoying math problems in the Treedome. Patrick insults Sandy's intelligence and she gets mad, making him leave. Later, SpongeBob and Patrick sit at their homes, remembering their memories of each other. Patrick, wanting to be friends again, tries to scientifically find out why they've grown apart. He comes up with an idea.
Patrick brings SpongeBob to Jellyfish Fields to have fun. Patrick, not finding jellyfishing or sandboarding fun, asks SpongeBob when the fun stopped. SpongeBob tells him it was when he fell off the cliff and became smart. To make things normal, Patrick purposely jumps off the cliff. This doesn't help, but the two learn that Patrick became smart because when he fell off the cliff and lost the top of his head, SpongeBob actually replaced it with a piece of brain coral resembling the top of his head. Patrick finds the real top of his head he lost last time and gets rid of the brain coral for his real head top. He's instantly back to being an idiot.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: Patrick, what's the difference between a guitar and a jellyfish?
Patrick: You can't strum a jellyfish.
SpongeBob: Yes! *laughs; Patrick grabs a jellyfish by the tentacles and strums them*

SpongeBob: Are you better, Pat? Uhh, watcha doing?
Patrick: *looking through periscope* Just studying this amazing subspecies.
Plankton: *under scope, angry* I'll show you subspecies!

SpongeBob: Goodbye, Mister...Best Friend! *sobs*

Patrick: I'm merely suggesting you lack the ability to solve remedial equations.

Sandy: Are you suggesting I'm dumb?
Patrick: I'd use a more sophisticated word, like 'impaired.'

Sandy: *to Patrick, angry* I don't need your kind of help, Mister-Know-It-All! I liked you better when you were a Barnacle Head!


Similar Titles Like "SquidBob Tentacle Pants," this episode's title is a take on the name 'SpongeBob SquarePants.'

How Patrick Becomes Smart: Patrick's fall causes him to lose the top of his head when he lands. SpongeBob finds what he thinks is his head (but is really brain coral) and places it on him. In Patrick's head, this causes a cord on his brain to plug into an outlet. Gears turn, eliminating spider webs. Patrick is now intelligent.

No Watch When Patrick says he must get going because of the time, he looks at his wrist. There isn't a watch on it.

SpongeBob's Name? Patrick refers to SpongeBob as 'Robert.'

Smart Sandy This is the third episode where Sandy is a scientist/genius. Others include "Sandy's Rocket," "Funny Pants" and "SquidBob TentaclePants".

SpongeBob and Patrick's Photographs:
-SpongeBob and Patrick stretched out in lawn chairs (Pat's eyelids are pink instead of purple in each picture)
-Patrick pulling SpongeBob on "sand skis"
-SpongeBob and Patrick with a mess of cake at a party at SpongeBob's house
-Patrick laying in a chair under an umbrella

Sand-Eater Patrick swallows the sand that gets into his mouth after falling off the sandboard instead of spitting it out.

Sign Fixed Someone has boarded up the sign that Patrick went through when he fell and became smart.

Mispronounciation SpongeBob says "fosisticated" instead of "sophisticated."

Pat's Arm Patrick has hairs on his right arm when he hugs SpongeBob.