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Episode Title: "Pickles"

Episode Airing Number: 6

Episode Production Number: 6

Original Airdate: August 28, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season," "Sea Stories"

On VHS: "Sea Stories"

Aired With Episode: "Mermaidman & Barnacleboy"

Running Time: 11:01

Storyboard Director: Steve Fonti

Storyboard Artists: Chris Mitchell and Jay Lender

Writers: Steve Fonti, Chris Mitchell, and Peter Burns

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: A fish named Bubble Bass claims his Krabby Patty SpongeBob made him is missing pickles, and after that our frycook stresses over his mistake and becomes really confused and strange. He'll also need to learn how to make Krabby Patties again.

Story: One day at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob makes his enemy, Bubble Bass, a Krabby Patty. But Bubble Bass claims something on it is missing: the pickles! SpongeBob is very disappointed he forgot, and so is Mr. Krabs, who had to give Bubble Bass his $2 he paid for the burger back. After the incident, SpongeBob becomes very confused and can't remember how to make Krabby Patties. Mr. Krabs gives him the day off. Squidward takes his place in the kitchen.

At home, SpongeBob sits in a chair and tries to write down the steps of preparing a Krabby Patty, but he still can't remember how. He tries to relax by sleeping, but doesn't remember where on (or by) his bed he sleeps and is awake the whole night trying to remember.

Squidward's terrible cooking at the Krusty Krab drives away all the customers, so Mr. Krabs pays SpongeBob a visit to see if he can return. But at home, SpongeBob is all confused and messed up. He talks incorrectly and his house is a mess. Mr. Krabs has him try making a Krabby Patty with all the ingredients on a mat, which takes SpongeBob day and night to remember how. However, in the end he finally does while he's frustrated and Mr Krabs says it's time to return to work.

SpongeBob returns to the Krusty Krab and takes Squidward's place in the kitchen. Everyone discovers he is back at work serving Krabby Patties, including Bubble Bass. SpongeBob makes him another Krabby Patty, which Bubble Bass claims is still missing pickles. The crowd is shocked. Bubble Bass makes fun of SpongeBob for forgetting the pickles once again and laughs out loud. Then, SpongeBob becomes the hero and discovers them and last time's pickles under his tongue while he laughs. The crowd is very upset that he was hiding the pickles the whole time. He gets scared and runs off, and everyone cheers for SpongeBob because he's back in the kitchen, but boo at Squidward for his horrible cooking while SpongeBob was gone.

Song: (none)


Bubble Bass: I'll take a double triple barfy deluxe on a raft, four-by-four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

Squidward: We serve food here, sir.

SpongeBob: *preparing a Krabby Patty, telling himself how to out loud* Bun down, shoe, mustard, pan, bun - NO!

Anchovy: Hey, he burnt my Krabby Patty.

Female Fish: He burnt my fries.

Green Fish: *slurps drink* He burnt my shake.

SpongeBob: Look! He's been hiding the pickles under his tongue the whole time.

Mr. Krabs: And there's the pickles from last time, too.

Female Fish: And there's my car keys!

SpongeBob: And three cheers for the fry cook who took my place while I was gone - Squidward! Hip-hip!

Crowd: Boo.

SpongeBob: Hip-hip!

Crowd: Boo.

SpongeBob: Hip-hip!

Crowd: Boo.

SpongeBob: Hip-hip!



Krusty Krab Menu:

-Krabby Pattie...$2.00

-Krusty Combo $3.99

-Krusty Deluxe...$3.00


-Seaweed Salad...$1.50

-Coral Bits........$1.95

Closed Captioning's Name for Bubble Bass: "Bubble Bath"

How SpongeBob Prepares A Krabby Patty at the Krusty Krab (in order):

-Botttom Bun





-Extra Onions




-Top Bun

Huge Bun When SpongeBob puts a bun on the pan, the bun looks to be pretty large because it fits on top of the pan's opening.

Not the Best Memory SpongeBob sits for three days and nights before finally remembering how to make a Krabby Patty.

How SpongeBob Prepares A Krabby Patty at Home (in order):

-Bottom Bun









-Top Bun

Mr. Krabs's Head The bathroom door at the Krusty Krab has a sign hanging on it that says "The Heads."

Only Other Episode The only other episode Bubble Bass appears in is "F.U.N.," but he doesn't speak in it.