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Episode Title: "Bubble Buddy"

Episode Airing Number: 23

Episode Production Number: 23

Original Airdate: November 16, 2000

Season: 2

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," "Lost at Sea"

On VHS: "Anchors Away"

Aired With Episode: "Big Pink Loser"

Running Time: 11:02

Storyboard Director: Jay Lender

Storyboard Artists: William Reiss and Chuck Klien

Writers: Jay Lender, William Reiss and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Sean Dempsey

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: When SpongeBob has nobody to play with, he creates a friend with bubble soap that becomes a nuisance to others.

Story: One morning (Leif Ericson day morning) SpongeBob wakes up and sees if Patrick can play. Patrick's not around, and neither is Sandy, and Squidward doesn't want to play. SpongeBob decides to create his own buddy. He blows a lifeless one out of bubble soap and names it Bubble Buddy.

SpongeBob takes Bubble Buddy to the Krusty Krab. He doesn't know what to order for Bubble Buddy, so he just orders everything there is. Mr. Krabs is thrilled and has Squidward treat the bubble well by giving him what SpongeBob requests. SpongeBob pushes him to do things like make sure the buns have no crusts and that he puts the pickles to the left. He is frustrated by this, but gets the job done. After SpongeBob and his buddy leave the restaurant, Mr. Krabs and Squidward are really angry to learn they paid for the meal with bubble money that pops.

Bubble Buddy and SpongeBob go to Goo Lagoon. There, Bubble Buddy is responsible for doing things like occupying a Porta-Potty for two hours and letting Scooter drown. When SpongeBob takes him out of the Porta-Potty and walks away, everybody is angry and tells about what Bubble Buddy did to them. The people are mad and need something to take out their anger on. Squidward suggests popping the bubble.

Everybody circles around SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy, holding needles. Inflating Bubble Buddy to escape from the crowd and reminding them of their precious friends doesn't convince them not to pop the bubble. They all gather around, and Squidward starts to drive his needle into him. Suddenly, Bubble Buddy comes to life and stops Squidward. He takes off in a bubble taxi safely.

Song: (none)


Squidward: *to Customer* Please, come again! *Customer begins walking off* When I'm not working.

Squidward: *after SpongeBob says Bubble Buddy says the bottle of shampoo tastes funny* Oh, silly me, I got the diet shampoo.

SpongeBob: Bubble Buddy's lactose intolerant! He can't eat cheese!

SpongeBob: *pointing to Porta-Potty* My friend's in there.

Man in Line: Congratulations.

Larry: SpongeBob, that bubble's gotta go.

SpongeBob: Oh, no, he already took care of that, but thanks for your concern.


Actual Holiday Leif Ericson Day really is an official day that takes place on October 9.

No Appearance Patrick doesn't appear in this episode. Only his voice is heard reading the note saying he left to get more giant paper.

Winter in the Treedome It also snows in Sandy's Treedome in "Survival of the Idiots."

Krusty Krab's Menu:

Krabby Patty

Double Patty Patty

Krabby Junior Junior

Jumbo Small Patty

Junior Senior Sophomore Patty

Quarter Ouncer Double Pounder

Super Double Triple Patty

Jumbo Patty Super Jumbo

Captain Olaf's Special

Super Seaweed Shake

Standing Table The table Squidward gives Bubble Buddy at the Krusty Krab has nothing to sit on.

Disobeying Orders SpongeBob tells Squidward that the ketchup should be under the Krabby Patties, but he squirts it on top. He also is shown giving one squirt of Ketchup on each, but he later says they have four squirts.

Disappearances When Squidward takes a Krabby Patty off the cart, it has lettuce. When he puts it on the table, there isn't any. Also, the plate he later gives Bubble Buddy a Patty on disappears as it's on the table.

Bubble Money SpongeBob leaves a 100-dollar bubble bill for the service at the Krusty Krab.

Shadow Bubble Buddy is the only character to have a shadow under him.