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Episode Title: "Your Shoe's Untied"

Episode Airing Number: 22

Episode Production Number: 21

Original Airdate: November 2, 2000

Season: 2

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," "Lost at Sea"

On VHS: "Anchors Away"

Aired With Episode: "Squid's Day Off"

Running Time: 11:47

Directors: Walt Dohrn and Paul Tibbitt

Storyboard Directors: Chris Headrick and Erik Wiese

Writers: Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt and Merriwether Williams

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

"Loop de Loop" Song Composed/Performed By: "Ween"

In Brief: After trying to teach Patrick how to tie his shoes, SpongeBob doesn't remember how to tie his own and is desperate to learn how again.

Story: One day, Patrick comes to Spongebob's house to show him his new pair of shoes. The problem is Patrick can't tie them, so SpongeBob tries to teach him how. The problem is, he forgot how to himself. He doesn't want to admit tha to Patrick, so he just gets him to leave. Spongebob decides to get a good night's sleep to help him remember.

The next morning, SpongeBob still doesn't remember how to tie his shoes. As he runs to work at the Krusty Krab, he keeps tripping over his untied laces. When he arrives, he finds Patrick eating a Krabby Patty. He doesn't want him to know his shoes still aren't tied, so he plants his feet in the floorboards and walks to the kitchen (and crawls to the grill to avoid tripping).

Once he makes a patty, he has a problem - he must carry it to Squidward in the order window, which is on the other side of the kitchen. He walks very slowly so he doesn't trip, but his walking doesn't get him anywhere at all. Then he ends up tripping on his laces, and flings the patty and replacement ones into Squidward's mouth. The angry customers wonder why there's a holdup with their food, and Spongebob is the blame.

All the customers leave, and Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob what he did to drive them away. SpongeBob says it's because he forgot how to tie his shoes, and asks Mr. Krabs if he can help him. But, Mr. Krabs doesn't wear shoes. SpongeBob asks many different people and creatures if they can help, but nobody seems to be able to. He thinks he has his answer when the Flying Dutchman comes to his aid. The Dutchman tells him how to tie many different knots with rope, but can't tell him how to tie shoes, as he hasn't worn any in over 5,000 years.

At home, Gary ties SpongeBob's shoes for him (Gary wears his own). When SpongeBob asks how he did it, Gary gets his record player out and plays him a song, "Loop de Loop," that explains the shoe-tying process.

Song: "Loop de Loop"

Wanna learn how to tie your shoes?

It's a very easy thing to do

You sit on down and I'll give you the scoop

What's that?

It's called a loop de loop

You gotta take a lace in each hand

Go over and under again

You make a loop de loop and pull

And your shoes are looking cool

You go over and back

Left to right

Loop de loop and you pull 'em tight

Like bunny ears or a Christmas bow

Lace 'em up and you're ready to go

You make a loop de loop and pull

And your shoes are lookin' cool

You make a loop de loop and pull

And your shoes are lookin' cool


SpongeBob: Patrick, please. Shoe-tying requires peace and quiet.

SpongeBob: *tying his right shoe, messes up* That's not right." *nervously laughs* Get it? Not...right?

Patrick: No.

SpongeBob: Hey Squidward, I've got an idea. How about you come get it [Krabby Patty]?

Squidward: *sarcastically* Oh gee, SpongeBob, that's a great idea. And maybe I should cook the patties, and do the dishes, and wear square pants, and live in a pineapple *angrily* while you wait in the unemployment line!

SpongeBob: No!

Squidward: *after eating lots of Krabby Patties flung to him by SpongeBob, he lets out a big belch* I think my heart just stopped.

Flying Dutchman: You're lookin' at the first place winner in the Fancy Knottin' contest for the last 3,000 years!

SpongeBob: *happily* Hooray! *floats into a pink heart above him surrounded by small red ones; Dutchman grabs him out of it*

Flying Dutchman: You're gonna hafta not do that.

Flying Dutchman: *to SpongeBob* And stop staring at me with them big old eyes. *Spongebob shrinks his eyeballs to a tiny size*


Tying Shoes SpongeBob knows how to tie his shoe in "Rock Bottom."

Very, Very Ready When SpongeBob trips on his laces while running to work, he says "I'm ready" sixteen times before finally arriving.

Moved In most episodes, the grill in the Krusty Krab kitchen is in front of the order window, but in this one, it's across the window in the back of the kitchen.

Not So Much "Money" on the Puzzle On Mr. Krabs' crossword puzzle, all of the blanks that are filled in have the word "money," but there are also spaces that are only 3 letters long, a six-letter one that starts with and has the third letter as "N," some four-letter spaces, and a space where the second letter is "Y" and the last is "M."

Leaving Customers Mr. Krabs also runs out of the bathroom to see that he's losing customers in "Sailor Mouth."

Squidward SquarePants Squidward mentions he should wear square pants in this episode while taunting SpongeBob. In the episode aired with this, "Squid's Day Off," he wears SpongeBob's pants at the end.

Things SpongeBob Apologizes to After He Thinks His Career's Over:

-His spatula

-His Krusty Krab work hat

-The floorboards

-Box of Krabby Patties

Who SpongeBob Asks To Help Tie His Shoes:

-A fish (known as "Tom"), but he doesn't wear shoes on his fins

-An eel, who doesn't have feet to wear shoes on, just a tail

-Three jellyfish, who just sting him

-Several poison sea urchins, who just crawl away

-A strange creature, who just eats him

-A human skeleton inside the creature's mouth, who can't do anything because it's dead

-Painty the Pirate, who can't tie shoes because he's just a painting of a head

Flying Dutchman's Knots:

-The Pretzel Knot (rope is shaped like a pretzel)

-The Double Damond Knot (rope is straight, with two diamonds in the middle)

-The Square Knot (rope is in a square shape)

-The Constrictor (rope wraps around SpongeBob and squeezes him)

-The Gut Knot (rope is inside SpongeBob when he's ripped in two pieces)

-The Pillow Knot (rope is shaped like a pillow)

-The Butterfly Knot (rope is shaped like a butterfly, which can fly away)

-The Monkey Chain (rope is straight, with a chain of rope around the middle)

-The Monkey's Fist (at the bottom of the rope, there's a big ball of rope)

-The Monkey (rope is shaped like a monkey, which can make monkey noises)

-The Loop Knot, or Poop Loop (when knot in rope is unraveled, it lets out the word "poop")