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Episode Title: "Chimps Ahoy"

Episode Airing Number: 72

Episode Production Number: 72 (?)

Original Airdate: June 2, 2006

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 1", "Karate Island"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "All That Glitters"

Running Time: 11:01

Storyboard Directors: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Mr. Krabs learns he can make a lot of money with a wishing well and puts one by the Krusty Krab, putting SpongeBob in charge of collecting the coins thrown down.

Story: Mr. Krabs is out one day searching for ejected coins in a pay phone when he discovers people tossing perfectly good money into a wishing well. He likes the idea (because of the money of course) and makes Squidward and SpongeBob dig a hole for the Eugene Krabs Memorial well behind the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob is enthusiastic about peoples' wishes coming true with the well and sings a song about it, while Squidward doesn't believe in magic and doesn't care.

With the wishing well finished, for SpongeBob's new job, Mr. Krabs makes him sit at the bottom of the well and collect coins. Citizens come by and throw down coins and make their wishes. Sandy wants a fancy underwater telescope, Plankton wants to be taller to crush his enemies and Mrs. Puff wants a hot rod. Patrick throws in his coin without letting go of it and ends up tossing himself to the bottom of the well. The two play tag by poking each other until the shift's over.

Mr. Krabs comes around that night to collect the coins and makes SpongeBob and Patrick stay down there for any late-night wishers. SpongeBob believes nobody's wishes have come true yet, so he digs deeper until he strikes the "magic." Squidward swings by to tease the two when he falls down. Him and Patrick have a bunch of arguments.

The next morning, Mr. Krabs checks the well and the boys come up. Squidward remarks that he wishes to be far away from everyone, and a bus slams into him, carrying him far away. Because Spongebob dug to the magic that night, Sandy gets her telescope, Mrs. Puff gets her hot rod, and Plankton is tall enough to knock over buildings. To prove to SpongeBob magic doesn't exist, Mr. Krabs throws a penny down the well and wishes to be a steamed meal. He then warps to a dinner table -- in front of a human hungry for steamed crab.

Songs: "Throw All Your Dreams Down the Well"

Take a penny and some magic

Even though your life is tragic (Hey!)

You can throw all your dreams down the well

Although everyday the pain grows

You'll ride unicorns on rainbows

If you throw all your dreams down the well

When your life's come up hard at the scenes

And you've given up all your dreams

Here is just the means to make those dreams come true

No more sufferin', no more sighin'

No more pain and no more cryin' (I'm not crying!)

When you throw all your dreams down the well

"Magic's Gone Missin'"

Oh, the magic has gone missin'

And everyone's still wishin'

But their dreams have fallen flat upon the ground

You'll find magic under rubble

So Patrick, grab a shovel!

And here is where the magic can be found

We're at the bottom of a well

But man, won't it be swell

When we make everyone's wishes all come true


Woman: You toss in a coin and make a wish.

Mr. Krabs: And then what?

Man: And...that's it. Nothing else happens.

Mr. Krabs: 'X' marks the spot of the Eugene Krabs Memorial wishing well.

SpongeBob: A wishing well? HERE? Wow!

Squidward: Don't you have to be dead to have a memorial or anything?

SpongeBob: What's the first thing you're gonna wish for?

Squidward: To be as far away from you as possible.

SpongeBob: *after "Throw All Your Dreams" song* Well Squidward, what do you think?

Squidward: That was the worst song I ever heard. But at least the stupid well's finished.

Mr. Krabs: You smell that, boys? That's the smell of money!

SpongeBob: You mean magic, don'tcha?

Squidward: All I can smell is that dumster. *cuts away to dumster*

Plankton: *to well* I have presented you with a monetary offering as custom dictates. My wish, nay my command, is to be taller. Just a little. Just big enough to crush my enemies like THE VERMIN THEY ARE!

SpongeBob: We've struck magic!

Patrick: Is that good?

SpongeBob: Next to being a frycook, it's the most important thing I've ever done.

Patrick: It's the only thing I've ever done.

Patrick: Yeah, you should work out more.

Squidward: *referring to Sponge and Pat* Well, why don't I just start right now? After all, I've got a couple of "dumbbells" right here!

Squidward: Can you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.

Patrick: What does claustrophobic mean?

SpongeBob: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.

Squidward: No, it doesn't.

Patrick: Ho ho ho! *giggle*

SpongeBob: Stop it Patrick! You're scaring him!

Squidward: I told you, I am claustrophobic.

Patrick: Nice try, Squidward, but there's no Santa Claus here.


#2 Favorite This episode was voted by visitors as the Number 2 favorite SpongeBob episode of all-time during Nick's "Best Day Ever" 24-hour marathon November 9-10. Of course, it's been revealed that during Nick's U-Pick Live block a few years back where viewers vote which show they want to see, actually rigged the votes, so it's not 100% sure that votes were counted for the Best Day Ever picks.

Rainbow Colors The rainbow SpongeBob rides the seahorse unicorn on, from top to bottom, is orange, red, violet, blue and green.

Too Hard to Admit Squidward cries after he states "I'm not crying!" in the song and SpongeBob's wand knocks him on the head.

Time Lapse Patrick comes by the wishing well 1 1/2 hours after SpongeBob is sent to the bottom. When he's first sent down Mr. Krabs tells him he has eight hours of his shift left, and when Patrick falls down SpongeBob tells him he has 6 1/2 left of his shift.

Profit At the end of the day, SpongeBob collected in the well a nickel from Sandy, two pennies from Mrs. Puff, a penny from Plankton and a pair of dentures. It's obviously not profitable for Mr. Krabs to pay SpongeBob to sit in a well all day to collect eight cents.

Different Colors The pennies SpongeBob received from Plankton and Mrs. Puff are silver, not copper.

Patrick's Storage During the "Magic's Gone Missin'" song, Patrick pulls a shovel out of the front of his shorts.

Sleeveless When Squidward laughs at SpongeBob and Patrick from the top of the well, it appears that he has no shirt. His bare shoulders can be seen.

Squidward's Phobia It is revealed that Squidward is claustrophobic (fear of tight/closed spaces).

Sudden Road Appearance The road behind the wishing well that the bus comes up to hit Squidward isn't seen earlier in the episode.

Unfair Wish Grant Squidward gets his wish of being far away from everyone and the Krusty Krab even though he never threw a coin in the well.