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Episode Title: "Welcome to the Chum Bucket"

Episode Airing Number: 41

Episode Production Number: 34

Original Airdate: January 21, 2002

Season: 3

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," (see "Observations") "Halloween"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Frankendoodle"

Running Time: 11:06

Storyboard Directors: Walt Dohrn and Paul Tibbitt

Storyboard Artists: Carson Kugler, Erik Weise, and William Reiss

Writers: Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: Mr. Krabs's loss in a game of cards causes SpongeBob to become Plankton's new Chum Bucket frycook.

Story: After closing time at the Krusty Krab one Thursday night, Mr. Krabs walks to the Chum Bucket to play cards with Plankton, the worst player in Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs has beaten Plankton in every game for the last fifteen years, so he knows it will be no sweat.

The next day, Mr. Krabs comes crying to the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob finds out Krabs gambled his frycooking contract in a game that Plankton won. Plankton comes to the Krusty Krab and brings SpongeBob to his new workplace: The Chum Bucket.

SpongeBob finds all the weird cooking devices in the Chum Bucket's kitchen. He gets sad and feels that the Chum Bucket is not the same, but more like jail. Through their windows that night, Mr. Krabs and him sing a song together about how they miss each other and want to be together at the Krusty Krab again. When the song is over, Plankton finds SpongeBob sobbing in the kitchen. He decides to show SpongeBob compassion and understanding to get him to work.

Plankton spoils SpongeBob with things he wants, like strange shoes and ice cream so he'll make some Krabby Patties. Plankton awaits a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob, but SpongeBob is reluctant to make some by saying he wants to spend more time being spoiled.

Later, SpongeBob wakes up after a nap. Plankton tries to convince him to make Krabby Patties, but he acts like a brat to him. Plankton gets frustrated and removes his frycook's brain and gives it to a robot SpongeBob.

Though the robot has SpongeBob's brain, it still acts and thinks like him. It refuses to make a Krabby Patty, which drives Plankton crazy. He comes to the Krusty Krab (which is going out of business due to SpongeBob's absence) and begs Mr. Krabs to take the yellow nightmare back. Krabs agrees to for fifty dollars, so Plankton pays him without trouble to get rid of him. Mr. Krabs throws Plankton back to the Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab is back in business. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are pretty happy again, except SpongeBob jokingly acts snobby to Krabs like he did to Plankton.

Song: "A Stove is a Stove"

A stove is a stove

No matter where you go

A patty is a patty

That's what I sayyy

A grill is a grill

This is surely so!

And fries should be fries

Either wayyy!

But this grill is not a home!

This is not the stove I know!

I would trade it all away

For you to come and stay!

This kitchen's not the same

Without you!

It's just a greasy spoon

Just a greasy spoon

Without youuuuu!


Mr. Krabs: *to SpongeBob* I'm afraid you don't work here anymore.

Squidward: Please tell me this isn't a joke.

Karen: To get to the SpongeBob, you must show him compassion and understanding. Then he'll give you what you want.

Plankton: Will you be quiet? I'm thinking!...I got it! To get to the SpongeBob, I'll show him compassion and understanding! Then he'll give me what I want!

Plankton: I'm capable of compassion and understanding.

SpongeBob: Really? Then I'd like to go back to the Krusty Krab.

Plankton: Now let's not get carried away.

Plankton: *to robot* SpongeBob, come in here! Or should I say RobotBob...SpongeChefPants...I put the brain in the robot, you know.


Episode Production This episode and Frankendoodle were produced as a season 2 episode (according to the fact that they're on the season 2 DVD), but they didn't air on Nick until after season 3 started.

Too High to Reach When Krabs and Plankton are shown playing cards, Plankton is sitting on an orange and a blue book to reach the table.

Bottle Cap When Plankton comes to the outside of the Krusty Krab after SpongeBob mentions Mr Krabs' "cruel, sick joke" and there is a close-up scene of him on the ground, the design on the bottle cap next to him sort of looks like a Pepsi logo if you use your imagination.

Monster Food In the Chum Bucket's boiler, SpongeBob accidentally makes a weird Krabby Patty that can move. An accidentally made "mutant" food that can move is also seen in "Squilliam Returns."

Goldilocks and the Three Sea Elves The story Plankton reads to SpongeBob about sea elves is likely based on "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Plankton reads the line "And then the littlest sea elf said...", where in the story of the three bears, the line would be "And then the littlest bear said..."

Things Plankton Spoils SpongeBob With To Get Him to Make a Krabby Patty:

-A grill exactly like the Krusty Krab one, in the area SpongeBob wants it

-The kitchen modeled to look exactly like the Krusty Krab's kitchen

-Big green vibrating shoes with images of flowers

-A bubble bath and ice cream cone

-A ride on a fake seahorse with wheels

-A story about sea elves he reads to SpongeBob

-A spatula

-A foot rub

-Comfy chair to sit in

Reading Instead of Frycooking The robot SpongeBob drinks a container of oil with a straw while he reads what looks like a comic book. Next to it are two magazines, one orange one called "Ha Ha," the other a green one called "Comix."

SpongeBob's Eyes When SpongeBob gets his brain put back in his head, the bandages to cover the cut on his forehead make his eyes parted and a little smaller.

Forgotten Until "Frankenddodle" Patrick doesn't make an appearance in this episode, and Squidward only says one line.