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Episode Title: "The Paper"

Episode Airing Number: 16

Episode Production Number: 16

Original Airdate: February 14, 2000

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season", "Tales from the Deep"

On VHS: Deep Sea Sillies

Aired With Episode: "Valentine's Day"

Running Time: 11:19

Storyboard Director: Chuck Klein

Storyboard Artist: Jay Lender

Writers: Chuck Klein, Jay Lender, and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Fred Miller

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: Squidward throws a piece of paper away and SpongeBob plays with it.

Story: Squidward lays out his lawn chair to relax. He gets out a piece of gum and after putting the gumball in his mouth, he throws the paper away. SpongeBob notices this and gets Squidward's attention long enough to ask him if he wants it back. He tells him it's a piece of entertainment but Squidward says it is garbage. Squidward does not want it back but SpongeBob just wants to make sure, so he asks him a few times before Squidward tells him he does not want it even if he begs for it.

When Squidward plays his clarinet, he hears SpongeBob laughing outside his window. He asks him what he is doing and SpongeBob tells him he's thinking of all the fun he's going to have with the piece of paper. Squidward is confused on how anyone can have fun with a piece of paper. When he looks out his window again, he sees SpongeBob putting the piece of paper in his pants to look like a superhero. He also sees SpongeBob as "SpongeBob JunglePants", an army supplier, and a bull fighter. Then SpongeBob does some impressions: a guy with a mustache, a pirate with an eyepatch, a regular guy with an eyepatch, blowing the paper in and out of his holes, and then does oralgami. When Squidward sees all this happening, he thinks the paper is actually fun. He can't believe what he is saying so he goes back into his house.

He starts to paint himself but he realizes that he is painting himself with a piece of paper on his nose. He knows that enough is enough. It's time to try and get SpongeBob to throw away the paper after seeing how much Squidward is having fun without it. But nothing that he is showing SpongeBob seems to be working. So, he grabs the piece of paper and tries to take it away from SpongeBob but he is told that he made a promise that SpongeBob kept. He'll never get the piece of paper back. Squidward wants to trade it for something. He gets out a rubber band but SpongeBob does not take it. Then Squidward tries to trade everything he owns but nothing pleases SpongeBob until Squidward gives up his own shirt to him. SpongeBob finally gives back the piece of paper to Squidward and puts on his shirt.

Now that Squidward has the paper, he seems to be having fun with it until he realizes that he gave up everything for a useless piece of paper. Patrick comes along and puts his gum in the piece of paper and throws it away in the garbage.

Song: (none)


Spongebob: Sorry, Squidward, I am sworn to a promise. *walks off* Maybe I should get going.

Squidward: Wait, wait, maybe we can trade for something. *looks around for something to trade* Yeah-yeah, something, something... *reaches in his pocket and takes out something* A-ha, wait up, Spongebob! Wait! Hold on there, chum. *chuckles* Iím going to make you an offer. *Spongebob looks to see what he has*

Spongebob: Wow, pocket lint! *shows link and rubberband in Squidward's hand* You drive a hard bargain, Squidward. Paper for lint, hmmm...

Squidward: Not the lint, the rubber band!

Spongebob: The rubber band? Do I dare?

Squidward: Oh, dare, dare!

Spongebob: *begins to reach for it* Ok... *stops* Oh, I get it. Youíre just testing me. Donít worry, Squidward, I wonít let you down. A promise is a promise.


Similarities This is similiar to "The Idiot Box" in which Squidward also had no imagination.

Squidward Head One of the things Squidward gives to SpongeBob is a replica of his head. It can be seen in the wheel barrow.

Dummy The Squidward dummy looks very similiar to the one in "Squidwood".