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Episode Title: "The Chaperone"

Episode Airing Number: 12

Episode Production Number: 12

Original Airdate: September 4, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season", "Lost at Sea"

On VHS: "Anchors Away"

Aired With Episode: "Employee of the Month"

Running Time: 11:03

Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen

Storyboard Artist: Aaron Springer

Writers: Sherm Cohe, Aaron Springer, and Peter Burns

Animation Director: Sean Dempsey

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob and Pearl go to her junior prom.

Story: Pearl begins the episode running into the Krusty Krab crying in her daddy's office. Mr. Krabs tells his daughter everything will be alright and he will find her a new date for the prom but she says there is only one fish in the sea for her, and he dumped her for someone else. So he decides to have Pearl take SpongeBob to the junior prom with her. She eventually agrees to it but isn't happy about it.

When they get to the prom, it's time for a prom picture but not everything goes according to plan. SpongeBob has a little trouble getting over the photobooth. He ends up taking a horrible picture. After this happens, Pearl's friends come by and introduce their dates and ask where Pearl's is. She says he is getting her some punch. They notice the really tall guy trying to get punch. Pearl gets worried.

SpongeBob spills the punch all over him, turning him red. As he is pouring everyone's punch from him nose and into the cup, Pearl notices her ex-boyfriend, Octavious Rex.

The music starts to play and everyone is doing 'the whack'...except for SpongeBob. When he tries to lunge at Pearl, they end up ruining everything and making SpongeBob run into the bathroom and cry. Pearl tries to calm him down and does. So, they end up dancing to "The Sponge". But the same thing happens to this song as the last one...its ruined because everyone is panicking over all the problems going on caused by SpongeBob and Pearl. A group of people toss them out and tell them to go wreck someone else's prom. Pearl and SpongeBob head back to her house. Mr. Krabs opens up the door and scares SpongeBob. But it's really his dummy.

Song: "The Sponge"

All right, you invertebrates. I'm gonna teach you how to do The Sponge.

Well, if you take your leg and you stick it in the air

And then you take the other one and jam it right up there,

You twist yourself around and give a great big lunge

Now you're doin' The Sponge.

Oh, do The Sponge, Sponge, oh do The Sponge,

Beat your buns you're doin' The Sponge.

Well, now, first you take your leg

And you stick it in the air,

And then you take the other one

And you jam it right up there.

You twist yourself around

And you give a great big lunge,

Now you're doin', yeah, now you're doin' The Sponge.

Oh, do The Sponge, Sponge, oh do The Sponge,

Beat your buns you're doin' The Sponge.


Mr. Krabs: No, no baby, no more crying. We'll get you a date. Why, uhh...Iíll take you! *Pearl begins to cry* What about Squidward? *Squidward is filing his tentacles. Pearl crys even harder* Wait,, take Spongebob!

Pearl: Ahh, the fry cook? Do you know what that would do to my complexion? People would mistake me for a planetarium?

Mr. Krabs: What do you mean?

Pearl: I donít know. But I canít take him, daddy! Theyíll kick me off the most frequently pictured in the yearbook committee.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, they would.


Fred All the customers at the Krusty Krab look like Fred, the green fish with brown pants.

Patrick's Prom Patrick took his mom to the prom.

Braces SpongeBob has braces when he's getting ready for the prom, but in the next scene they are gone.

Dates Pearl's friend's dates are Billy Fishkin and Brian Flounder.

Wrong Bathroom SpongeBob runs into the girl's bathroom.