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Episode Title: "The Bully"

Episode Airing Number: 37

Episode Production Number: 43

Original Airdate: October 5, 2001

Season: 2

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Third Season", "Tide and Seek"

On VHS: "Sponge-a-Rama"

Aired With Episode: "Just One Bite"

Running Time: 11:21

Storyboard Director: Aaron Springer

Storyboard Artist: C.H. Greenblatt

Writers: Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt and Merriwether Williams

Animation Director: Frank Weiss

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob panics when a new student at Boating School threatens to beat him up.

Story: Boating School is about to start and SpongeBob is trying to organize the pencils on his desk. He asks a Lady Fish next to him for assistance but she threatens to report him again. Mrs. Puff enters the classroom and goes on to say that a new student will be joining the class. The door opens revealing a wide, skinny, green flounder. Mrs. Puff introduces him as Flats the Flounder and asks him to tell the class something about himself. He says he mostly likes to kick people's butts. Mrs. Puff laughs and asks Flats to take a seat. Everybody moves their desks except SpongeBob. He says hi to Flats. Flats reponds by saying he's gonna kick SpongeBob's butt. SpongeBob laughs at first but then realizes that Flats is serious.

SpongeBob runs out of the classroom and into the bathroom. He hides in the toilet. Flats opens the door of the stall and tells SpongeBob that he's gonna kick his butt twice as hard. SpongeBob walks down the hallway with a clipboard when the phone rings. He answers it. It's Patrick, who thinks he dailed the number for Pizza Castle. He asks to place an order for delivery. When SpongeBob realizes it's Patrick he asks him to come down to the Boating School to rough up Flats. Patrick tells SpongeBob that Flats is his old community college buddy and that he bumped into him down at the soda store. He also tells SpongeBob that Flats has to get back to school to kick somebody's butt. SpongeBob drops the phone and runs away screaming.

SpongeBob knocks on Mrs. Puff's classroom door. Mrs. Puff tells him to come in. SpongeBob asks her to put him in a different class because Flats wants to beat him up. Mrs. Puff tells him not to worry and that she'd take care of it. After lunch Mrs. Puff tells SpongeBob that she talked to Flats and used his name. Mrs. Puff says it was just a misunderstanding and that Flats doesn't want to kick his butt at all. Behind Mrs. Puff's back Flats makes SpongeBob out of some sand and crushes it. SpongeBob runs off and comes across Flat's dad sitting in a boat. SpongeBob starts to talk to Flat's dad, but Flats comes up and interupts them. He even threatens to kick his father's butt for talking to strangers.

SpongeBob runs away and runs through town screaming that Flats is still gonna kick his butt. A crowd of citizens get confused and think that SpongeBob is talking about an old man. He hides in a garbage can but Flats tracks him down. SpongeBob runs away again, while Flats is chasing after him in a dump truck. Flats drives over a banana peal causing the truck to completely flip over. In the hospital, Flats is bandanged up and laying in bed. SpongeBob comes to visit and brings him flowers. The doctor tells Flats that SpongeBob performed CPR on him for five hours straight. Flats tells him he's got to remember that while kicking his butt. SpongeBob runs home and quickly closes the door. Flats comes behind him and knocks down the door. He prepares to beat SpongeBob up by cracking his knuckles and even brushing his teeth. Flats proceeds to beat SpongeBob up but to his surprise the punches don't hurt him because of his spongey material. Flats follows him everywhere including all around his house and at the Krusty Krab punching him all day long. Finally, at the Boating School Flats is so tired he falls over. Mrs. Puff walks in and sees Flats in the floor and SpongeBob' hand in a fist. She assumes SpongeBob has beaten up Flats and threatens to now kick his butt.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: Excuse me, miss?

Woman Fish: I don't want to have to report you again.

SpongeBob: *laughs* Wait, I got it! The quiz pencil goes right over here next to the essay pencil and the essay pencil gets turned sideways toward the notepad, just in case I have to write an essay.

Mrs. Puff: Tell the class something about yourself, Flats.

Flats: Well, I like to kick people's butt.

Mrs. Puff: What a card!

Patrick: *on phone* Hi, I'd like to place an order for delivery.

SpongeBob: Patrick? Is that you?

Patrick: Yeah. Hey, Mario. Give me a large, double olive, double. . .

SpongeBob: Patrick, listen! Itís me, SpongeBob! I need your help!

Patrick: You're working at Pizza Castle now?

SpongeBob: What? No, listen! Iím in big trouble. Thereís a new guy at school here and he wants to kick my butt! Listen, youíre big and strong, do you think you could come down here and maybe rough him a bit? Just to get him off my back? Please, Patrick, Iím so scared, it feels like Iím gonna throw up!

Patrick: *talking to Flats* No, theyíre not closed. I know, you want olives.

SpongeBob: Patrick, you there?

Patrick: Oh, Iím sorry, Spongebob. I was just talking to my old community college buddy, Flats. I bumped into him at the soda store, isnít that funny? It must have been years since weíve seen each other. Well, let me get going. Heís got to get back to school soon. Says heís gonna kick somebodyís butt. *SpongeBob runs away screaming* Hello? Is this Pizza Castle?


Community College We find out that Patrick went to Community College with Flats.

All Day Class Mrs. Puff's Boating School seems to be an all day class. There's also lunch time and recess.

Dump Truck The dump truck that Flats is driving says "Bikini Bottom Garbage."

Answering the Phone One of SpongeBob's dreams is to be a receptionist at an office.

Beating up SpongeBob Flats tries to beat up SpongeBob while he's: cooking patties, playing cards with Gary, jellyfishing, using the bathroom, sleeping, eating Kelpo and finally in Mrs. Puff's class.