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Episode Title: "Suds"

Episode Airing Number: 15

Episode Production Number: 15

Original Airdate: January 17, 2000

Season: 1

On DVD:"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season", "Lost at Sea"

On VHS: "The Sponge Who Could Fly"

Aired With Episode: "Sleepy Time"

Running Time:11:34

Storyboard Directors: Paul Tibbitt and Ennio Torresan Jr.

Storyboard Artists: Paul Tibbitt and Ennio Torresan Jr.

Writers: Paul Tibbitt, Ennio Torresan Jr., and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Edgar Larrazabal

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob gets sick after leaving the refrigerator open all night.

Story: SpongeBob dreams about Krabby Patties falling from the sky. He wakes up to find that he's got his pillow in his mouth. He tip-toes past Gary, who is asleep and slides quietly down the stairs. SpongeBob goes to the refridgerator and gets some Sea-Nut Butter. He comes over to the counter where he has food and untensils waiting. SpongeBob takes one bite of the sandwich and falls right asleep. He leaves his refridgerator door open causing the entire house to freeze and everything in it freezes as well. He goes over to the fridge and closes the door. SpongeBob slides all over the house finally landing in his bed. He tries to pull the covers over himself but they are frozen solid and shatter.

SpongeBob slides into the bathroom. He tells Gary that he doesn't feel like himself and that he feels horrible. Gary meows. SpongeBob tells Gary that he can't have the suds because he doesn't have bubbles coming out of him. SpongeBob sneezes and bubbles come out of his sponge holes. He says he can't have the suds cause then he'd miss work. He pulls his underwear over his nose and sneezes and tells Gary that he's going to work.

At the Krusty Krab SpongeBob is really sick and pale looking. Mr. Krabs comes in to see what's holding up the patties. SpongeBob sneezes in a krabby patty causing it to splatter on Mr. Krabs' face. He tells SpongeBob that's he's too sick to work and sends him home. All the customers hear Mr. Krabs say that SpongeBob is sneezing all over the food. They spit out their patties and run out of the Krusty Krab.

At SpongeBob's house he is feeling horrible. He sneezes and one of his eyes rolls down his face. SpongeBob picks up the phone and calls Sandy. She is running inside of her hamster wheel. SpongeBob asks her to escort him to the doctor's. When he hangs up the phone he gets a knock at the door. It's Patrick. SpongeBob is wearing a ski hat, coat and scarf. He tells Patrick he's sick and going to the doctor. Patrick says he can't go because the doctor's office is a horrible place. He tells SpongeBob he knows a guy who knows a guy who went to the doctor's. They make you read old magazines and use an ice cold stethoscope. Patrick offers to be SpongeBob's doctor and calls Sandy and tells her not to come. Sandy tells him she's coming to take a look anyway.

Partick plugs all of SpongeBob's sponge holes with corks and then puts sea-nut butter and bread on SpongeBob's foot and his shoe on top of that. SpongeBob still isn't feeling better. Then, Patrick ties a string to his tooth and pulls it out. Next, Patrick uses SpongeBob as a trampeline and puts a huge band-aid on SpongeBob's back. Of course, none of this stuff works. Patrick attatches SpongeBob to a medieval machine. Sandy knocks on the door. Patrick sneeks out of the back and goes over to his rock. SpongeBob has sneezed and formed into a ball. He's covered in dirt to make him look like Patrick's rock. Patrick tells Sandy that he got a second house because he ran out of room to put his stuff. Sandy notices SpongeBob's feet sticking out. He sneezes causing the dirt to fall off.

Sandy tells Patrick that SpongeBob needs to see a real doctor. Patrick says that he is a real doctor. Sandy and Patrick fight over SpongeBob. They both push on him causing him to fly up in the air and roll down the hill towards the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs is shining on his money. SpongeBob stops just missing smashing into the Krusty Krab. He sneezes a powerful sneeze destroying the Krusty Krab. At the doctor's office the doctor gives SpongeBob the sponge treatment. Hans, the assistant hand comes out and takes SpongeBob. He uses SpongeBob to scrub a man in the shower and a man's foot, wash a plate and car, and then washes him out in the sink. SpongeBob says he's feeling great and Han's gives him a lolly pop. Patrick wants a lolly pop also so he pretends to have the suds. The doctor tells him that they have a special treatment for Patrick. Hans takes him and rubs him on a cactus and uses him to clean the toilet.

Song: (none)


Patrick: I know a guy who knows a guy who went to the doctor once, and the doctorís office is a horrible, horrible place!

SpongeBob: *sits in his chair* It canít be as horrible as the suds. *sneezes*

Patrick: Oh, it is, SpongeBob! Well first, they make you sit in the waiting room.

SpongeBob: Is that the horrible part, Patrick?

Patrick: No, it gets worse. They make you read old magazines! *SpongeBob gasps. Patrick takes a piece of coral for a stethoscope* Then the doctor pulls out his stethoscope.

SpongeBob: No!!

Patrick: Yes! Itís a device so sinister, so icy cold when it touches your bare flesh, it... *takes the end of the piece of coral and puts it on SpongeBob's chest. SpongeBob jumps and runs around*

Sandy: Okay now. Tell me, since when do you have two houses?

Patrick: Since I ran out of space to put my stuff.

Sandy: Uh-huh. Yep. Since when do houses have feet?

Patrick: This is my mobile home.


Hans The doctor's assistant Hans can also be seen in "Imitation Krabs".

Not Working There must be something wrong with SpongeBob's refridgerator if it was cold enough to freeze the entire house.

Never Been To Doctor Apparently SpongeBob and Patrick have never been to a doctor.

Peanut Butter SpongeBob uses sea-nut butter but in "Sandy's Rocket" he calls it peanut butter.