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Episode Title: "Squirrel Jokes"

Episode Airing Number: 24

Episode Production Number: 31

Original Airdate: November 27, 2000

Season: 2

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," "Tide and Seek"

On VHS: "Laugh Your Pants Off"

Aired With Episode: "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy III"

Running Time: 11:26

Directors: Paul Tibbitt and Walt Dohrn

Storyboard Director: Chris Headrick

Writers: Paul Tibbitt, Walt Dohrn, and Merriwether Williams

Animation Directors: Larry Leichliter and Leonard Robinson

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: Sandy is offended by jokes Spongebob keeps telling that make fun of squirrels during stand-up comedy shows at the Krusty Krab.

Story: One night, the Krusty Krab is having a "Komedy Krab," where comedians perform, and SpongeBob is one of them. When SpongeBob's on stage, he tells jokes that the audience thinks are terrible. While in trouble, he looks at Sandy's teeth, which inspires him to joke about squirrel teeth and other things about squirrels. Everyone loves his jokes, and Mr. Krabs insists SpongeBob sticks with them.

As SpongeBob mops the stage after the show, Sandy swings by to tell him the squirrel jokes insulted her. SpongeBob tells her we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes and cheers her up. She's no longer offended and happy again.

While Sandy's shopping at Barg'n-Mart, a bunch of people rub it in to her about squirrels being stupid. She feels insulted. Before another Komedy Krab show, Sandy tells SpongeBob people are offending her and he must tell different jokes. SpongeBob doesn't know what else to joke about, as squirrel jokes are his only good ones.

He tries telling different jokes during the show, but the audience doesn't like them and demands squirrel jokes. Wondering if he should keep his career or his friend. He ends up giving the audience their squirrel jokes. After the show, SpongeBob finds an invitation to visit Sandy at the Treedome.

The next day at Sandy's Treedome, SpongeBob is surprised to see Sandy acting stupid like how she's portrayed. She throws SpongeBob on a log with glue and takes his water helmet he needs to breathe to use as a flower vase. SpongeBob dries up and tries to beg for water, but she makes a guessing game out of it and tries to guess what he needs. He finally is able to tell her he needs water, so she puts a hose in his mouth and fills him with so much water that he becomes very large and takes up all the space in her dome. He decides to no longer tell squirrel jokes.

At another Komedy Krab show, SpongeBob tells jokes about sea sponges, crabs and fish instead of squirrels. The audience loves them. Sandy and SpongeBob are happy again.

Song: (none)


Fish: Hey, hey Funny Guy, I got a joke for you! What smells rotten and puts people to sleep?

SpongeBob: Um, noxious gas?

Fish: No! Your act!

Mother Fish: Don't stand too close to a squirrel, Billy. You'll catch its stupid.

Billy: Ok, Mom.

SpongeBob: Did you hear about the goldfish who went bankrupt? Now he's a bronze-fish.

SpongeBob: Crabs, oh brother. They're so cheap they can't even pay attention.

SpongeBob: *after joking about crabs and fish* And don't even get me started on starfish.


Another Krusty Krab Show Just like "Culture Shock," this episode has a staged show at the Krusty Krab.

Umbrellas in the Audience Before Doggy Williams throws pies, everybody with an umbrella in the audience has either a purple, green, or blue umbrella.

SpongeBob's Shadow On the stage, SpongeBob's shadow is perfectly square, unlike his wavy body outline.

A Mysterious Appearance When SpongeBob starts laughing at himself in the big mirror before Sandy talks to him again about his squirrel jokes, a small pink jar appears (and stays) on the desk area that wasn't there earlier.

"Spongebob" On the letter Sandy tapes to SpongeBob's mirror, on the word "SpongeBob," she doesn't capitalize the "B" ("Spongebob").

Patch When Sandy acts like a "stupid" squirrel as she's portrayed in the jokes, she has a patch on her tail.

Stung Inside the Body When Sandy brings more water through the hose from outside the Treedome, a jellyfish flies in with the incoming water.

SpongeBob's Pores SpongeBob comes back to the Komedy Krab after the incident at Sandy's with four bandage crosses on some of his pores.

Doin' the Twist SpongeBob also twists his body like he did on stage to show he's an invertebrate on the "Big Twists" SpongeBob movie poster.

Footloose When SpongeBob jokes about crabs being cheap, we see Mr. Krabs without legs on his body.