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Episode Title: "Squidwood"

Episode Airing Number: N/A

Episode Production Number: 79

Original Airdate: Unaired

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: (none)

Running Time: 11:00

Storyboard Director: Casey Alexander and Chris Mitchell

Writers: Casey Alexander, Chris Mitchell, and Dani Michaeli

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob creates a Mini Squidward puppet that attracts attention that Squidward has always wanted.

Story: It's morning and SpongeBob has waited all night so Squidward can play with him. But what he doesn't know is that Squidward doesn't want to play with him. He asks many times, in all places, if he can play with him but Squidward keeps saying no. So, when he gets the hint, he makes a Mini Squidward so he has someone to play with.

Mini Squidward begins to take over Squidward's job, friends, and everything else. At first Squidward enjoys the time off but when he gets demoted to bus boy and sees Mini Squidward taking up all the fame and talent that Squidward has already dreamed of having, he begins to fume and get angry.

He begins to beat up on Mini Squidward, gnawing at him and trying to destroy him. As this is going on, a talent agent by the name of "Milo J. Finkerfish" tells Squidward to stop because that is his new client. Squidward is furious because all that stuff that Milo told Mini Squidward he would get, he's always wanted to have. After Milo leaves, SpongeBob shows Squidward his new toy...a Mini Spongebob.

Song: (none)


Spongebob: Order up, Mini Squid!

Mini Squid: Okay, Spongebob. Always happy to help. *laughs*

Spongebob: Okay, pal! *flips six patties on Mini Squid's plate* Go get em', tiger! *Mini Squid walks over to the customers*

Mini Squid: Okay, who ordered the Krabby Patty, and who ordered the Krabby Patty? *both fish laugh*

Squidward: What the...? That's my joke!

Male Fish #1: Wow, honey, this new Mini Squid is such a card!

Female Fish: And a great waiter, dear.

Male Fish #1: Yeah. You're right. So much better than that old, lousy, larger-scale Squidward. *Squidward mumbles angrily*

Female Fish: Yeah! Bring that little fella over here and let me give him a $300 dollar tip! *shows $300*

Squidward: What? All right, all right! That's enough! My break is finished. *walks behind cash register*

Squidward: Oh boy! Back to work!

Mr Krabs: Hold on a second, there.

Squidward: Oh, Mr Krabs.

Mr Krabs: Uh... Squidward, me cephalopod, I'm sorry to tell you this -- well not that sorry -- the customers prefer the new smaller Squidward to you. And so do I! 'Cause he's making me some bucks. So I'm changing your job to busboy, effective immediately. *hands Squidward dirty dishes* Now pipe down and watch how it's done.


NO When SpongeBob is on Squidward's canvas, Squidward paints a big "NO" in red letters. SpongeBob's face should've still been on there when he did that.

Persistence Ways SpongeBob tries to get Squidward to play:

Standing by his bed





Bathroom window


Temperature Device When SpongeBob jumps out from the hole that Squidward put him into, there is a freezer temperature device. But Squidward slithers out from under the fridge, it's not.

Fish Net The fish net in the Krusty Krab that is on the side of the building disappears when Squidward plays his clarinet and dances