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Episode Title: "SpongeGuard on Duty"

Episode Airing Number: 46

Episode Production Number: 41

Original Airdate: March 22, 2002

Season: 3

On DVD:"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Third Season," "SpongeGuard on Duty"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "The Algae's Always Greener"

Running Time:10:54

Storyboard Directors: Jay Lender and Sam Henderson

Storyboard Artist: Caleb Meurer

Writers: Jay Lender, Sam Henderson and Mark O'Hare

Animation Director: Sean Dempsey

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob fills in for Larry as the lifeguard at Goo Lagoon. n

Story: It's another beautiful day at Goo Lagoon and SpongeBob and Patrick are relaxing on the beach. SpongeBob glances across the beach and sees Larry whose on duty as the lifeguard. He admires him and imagines what it would be like if he were a lifeguard. Patrick tells him that being a lifeguard is dumb and that nobody really likes those guys. SpongeBob says he's every bit as cool as Larry, and if he's not may be get hit by a flying ice cream truck. . .and live. Suddenly one falls from the sky and drops on SpongeBob, causing him to get ice cream on his nose. Larry sees his white nose and assumes SpongeBob's a lifeguard. He asks SpongeBob if he wants to help him with his next shift. He is thrilled and accepts Larry's offer.

SpongeBob and Larry do a lot of fun activities together such as rub tanning lotion on a girl (and an old man), building sand castles, and lifting weights. Larry asks SpongeBob if he wants to take the second shift by himself, then he hears screams from the water. Somebody is drowning. Larry dives in and swims towards him, and brings him to shore. After punching the guy in the stomach repeatedly the guy spits out water and a book. He got chocked on it after reading in the water. Larry tells SpongeBob that everybodies lives are in his hands, because he's got a date with the tanning booth.

After Larry leaves SpongeBob panics because he can't swim. SpongeBob rings the bell and yells for everybody to get out of the water. SpongeBob comes up with a few lame excuses for them not to go swimming. Nobody buys it and they go back in the water. SpongeBob yells, "Free ice cream!" and everybody comes running. After everyone has their ice cream, SpongeBob tells them that they have to wait one hour before swimming. He ties all the fish up with yellow do not cross tape, so that they're not tempted.

Patrick hears SpongeBob yelling, "Ice Cream!" and comes running out of the port-o-potty. He runs right through the police line and runs into the water. Patrick keeps going until he gets a butt cramp and sinks. Patrick starts to drown and screams and yells for help. SpongeBob is scared to go in the water so he throws a life preserver to Patrick but he's too far away. Next, SpongeBob sucks all the water up through a straw. Unfortunately, he sucks up Patrick as well. SpongeBob spits all the water back out and runs and finds a boat. He goes out to Patrick but he's panicing so much he wrecks the boat. SpongeBob and Patrick are both drowning now and start to scream. Larry walks up and grabs them out of the water, which is only up to his knees. He asks SpongeBob, "You're not a real lifeguard are you?" SpongeBob admits he's not and Larry takes him and Patrick to teach them to swim. Larry's watching SpongeBob and Patrick practice in a little kiddie pool. They both get a butt cramp and yell out at the same time. Then Patrick says he still doesn't have his ice cream.

Song: (none)


Old Man: Lifeguard, can you point out the snack bar?

Larry: Right over there, but you guys are way too old and unsightly for my beach. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Old Woman: So polite.

Old Man: Just like we raised him.

Patrick: Oh, what do you want to be a lifeguard for? Nobody really likes those guys. Being a lifeguard is so dumb. All they do is blow, blow, blow on their stupid whistles, rub, rub, rub that white stuff on their noses and show off their gross, mis-shapen bodies!

SpongeBob: There are sharks in there!

Shark: Hey! That's my family you're talking about.

SpongeBob: Uh, seamonster!

Sea Monster: You know, we seamonster have made great strides in the fields of science and literature.

SpongeBob: If there was anyone in there we'd hear them.

Patrick: Help! Help! I can't swim!

SpongeBob: Somebody would be screaming that they're drowning.

Patrick: I'm drowning! I'm drowning!

SpongeBob: They would have to of crossed the line.

Patrick: I'm drowning cause I crossed the line!

SpongeBob and Patrick: Ow! Butt Cramp!

Patrick: And I still don't have my ice cream.


Weight Lifting While lifting with Larry, SpongeBob uses two soda cups instead of weights.

Hot Dog Chug Scooter is shown participating in a hot dog eating contest.

Toilet Paper When Patrick runs out of the portable toilet he's got toilet paper hanging out of his shorts.

Ice Cream Patrick thinks the "Do Not Cross" signs, say "Ice Cream."

Things Below Goo Lagoon:

-a sunken boat

-a life preserver

-a bottle

-an anchor

-a shell