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Episode Title: "Sandy's Rocket"

Episode Airing Number: 8

Episode Production Number: 8

Original Airdate: September 4, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD:"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season", "Home Sweet Pineapple"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Squeaky Boots"

Running Time:11:03

Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen

Storyboard Artist: Aaron Springer

Writers: Sherm Cohen, Aaron Springer, and Peter Burns

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob and Patrick think they have taken Sandy's Rocket to the moon.

Story: SpongeBob arrives at Sandy's treedome but when he arrives, he sees a rocketship come from underneath the ground. Sandy tells him it's to take to the moon with her and do some experiments. Of course, SpongeBob is excited and asks Sandy if he can go along but she refuses. He's already caused too many mishaps with her animals already. Eventually, SpongeBob gets Sandy to say yes. He tries to get some sleep that night but he's so anxious to go on the trip, he can't keep his eyes closed.

Patrick comes over to SpongeBob's window, in the middle of the night, and asks if Sandy's rocket is alien proof. SpongeBob tells Patrick there are no such things as aliens because Sandy said so herself. Patrick shows SpongeBob a can of alien proof repellant so they go and spray the windows.

When they arrive at the rocket, Patrick pushes a lever that opens up the doors to go inside. Once inside, they play with most of the stuff in it until they decide to go but Patrick wants to push one more button. SpongeBob tells Patrick he is the space traveler and shows him the button to push but he pushes the ignition button and launches the rocket up into space, around the moon, and back down into Bikini Bottom.

When they get out of the rocket, they think that aliens have projected their memories into the enviornment and they are seeing a similar-like Bikini Bottom. They capture all their alien friends: Gary, Squidward, Mr Krabs, Larry, Mrs Puff, etc. and put them in the ship. But they capture too many and they run out of room so they'll have to make two trips.

Sandy comes down from the moon and finds SpongeBob and Patrick capturing all their friends. She tries to explain they are still in Bikini Bottom but they capture her and put her in the rocket. They can't trust anyone so they pump their guns up and try to capture each other but Patrick captures himself. SpongeBob launches the rocket into space and lands on the moon. When he looks out, he sees Earth and knows he made a mistake.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: It just goes to show you: you canít trust anybody. *both stare at each other and pump their guns* So, you were an alien all the time and you didnít even tell me!

Patrick: I didnít even know.

SpongeBob: Yeah, well I got you now.

Patrick: Oh, well itís not you whoís got me, it's... *Patrick catches himself with the gray netting* whoís got me!

Mr. Krabs: Ahoy there, lads! Up a bit later to be playing pirate, aren't ye? *laughs, Spongebob and Patrick point their guns at his head* Wait! Donít shoot. Okay, shoot but donít take me money.


Flats the Flounder Flats from "The Bully" appears briefly being captured by SpongeBob and Patrick.

Pet Worm We find out that Mr. Krabs has a pet worm. He is seen walking him.

Scientist This is the first and only time Sandy is shown as a scientist in the first season. She is shown as a scientist more in the 4th and 5th seasons.

Dead pets We find out that Sandy has had a lot of pets that SpongeBob has killed.