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Sandy Bio Picture

Character Name: Sandy Cheeks

Location: Air-filled dome house (Treedome) in Bikini Bottom

Occupation: Scientist/Inventor

Interests: Clam wrestling, karate, sandboarding, weightlifting, science, tea, any dangerous activity that's filled with adventure (Find the hay in the needlestack, skydiving, etc.), Texas activities (cattle-roping, pie-eating, etc.)

Personality: Sweet and caring, but can sometimes become too obsessed with underwater sports and dangerous when she's angry

Physical Appearance: Buck-toothed squirrel in a wetsuit with an air helmet, pink flower on her helmet, acorn patch on suit, bushy tail. Wears a purple bikini when in the Treedome.

Family: A bunch of family and relatives in Texas, many pets that live in her Treedome (snakes, Wormy, birds, etc.)

Friends: SpongeBob, Patrick and all of her pets

First Episode Appearance: "Tea at the Treedome"

Voiced By: Carolyn Lawrence

Other Info: Hibernates during the winter. Hasn't moved back to Texas because of all the people who care about her in Bikini Bottom. Beat up two seagulls on land. Got SpongeBob fired for playing too much karate with him. Nearly got "swallowed" by the clam she was wrestling. Was able to get into the Salty Spittoon fighting club. Started Christmas in Bikini Bottom. Built a rocket to the moon. Was put in charge in dynamite scenes in the filming of the Mermaidman and Barnacleboy movie. As Miss Appear, was hit by a car because she was invisible. Built teleporters that transport matter. Tossed an anchor 510 yards in an anchor-throwing competition. Brought a flea back from a science convention causing her treedome to become infested. Tested SpongeBob's and Patrick's survival skills by stranding them in the wilderness. Went to Karate Island with SpongeBob and saved him from a Real Estate scam. Got stranded on a desert island after being swept away by a huge wave.


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(well, not really, the knight is actually Sandy's ancestor)
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