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Episode Title: "Roller Cowards"

Episode Airing Number: 96

Episode Production Number: 86

Original Airdate: July 27, 2007

Season: 5

On DVD: "Season 5, Vol. 1", "Bikini Bottom Adventures"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Bucket Sweet Bucket"

Running Time: 11:29

Storyboard Directors: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Alan Smart

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob and Patrick ride the scariest roller coaster in Bikini Bottom.

Story: SpongeBob reads a story to Gary. As he does Patrick comes bursting through his wall holding a TV. A commercial is on Patrick's TV that Glove World has a new ride: "The Fiery Fist O' Pain". He tells SpongeBob they have to go to bed early so they can be first in line. Patrick hangs on to his TV and the cord pulls him out of SpongeBob's house and back to his rock. SpongeBob goes to bed and dreams of him and Patrick at Glove World. They walk past the popcorn stand and it turns into a maggot stand. Smoke fills the air. The Grim Reaper points the way to the Fiery Fist O' Pain and SpongeBob and Patrick float over to the ride. The ride starts and they go up above the water and come back down. As they do lightning strikes the tracks and makes the roller coaster fly off. SpongeBob and Patrick come out of the roller coaster and land in graves with their names on it. A digger puts dirt back in the holes. SpongeBob screams, "I don't want to ride the Fiery Fist O' Pain!"

SpongeBob's alarm goes off but he didn't sleep the whole night. Patrick appears by his bed. SpongeBob tells him he had a bad dream during the night. Patrick says he did too. SpongeBob asks him what it was about but the bus pulls up before Patrick can answer. They get on the bus. SpongeBob and Patrick overhear two boys talking about the Fist O' Pain and how they heard that one guys spine fell out while riding it. The bus arrives at Glove World and SpongeBob and Patrick get off. All the passengers on the bus run out and pick up SpongeBob and Patrick while cheering. An employee asks them for tickets. SpongeBob digs and can't find them. He turns around and the employee sees them in his back pocket. SpongeBob and Patrick walk around the amusement park and see that the line for the Fiery Fist O' Pain is too long so they decide to ride some of the kiddie rides first. They really do this because they are afraid to ride the roller coaster. They walk along and SpongeBob and Patrick spot Glovey Glove, the Glove World mascot. SpongeBob tells Patrick to go over to him so he can take his picture with him. Patrick is reluctant at first but nervously gets his picture taken anyway.

A little kid is laughing on one of the kiddie rides, the Mitten. SpongeBob and Patrick walk over and get on the ride with them. Every bump they go over they scream. When SpongeBob and Patrick get off the ride they are shivering but the kid is perfectly calm. SpongeBob comments the line looks shorter now and says he can't believe some people are scared of the Fist O' Pain. An old fish is wheel chaired out moaning. SpongeBob and Patrick run away. He asks the man pushing him why he isn't allowed on the ride. He tells him it's because he has a serious medical condition. The old man says that it's his birthday. SpongeBob and Patrick run through a line screaming. Tom, whose at the end of the line, tells them that this is the line for the bathroom. They tell him they know and SpongeBob has gone eight times and Patrick went three times (all by himself). Larry walks up and says he has just ridden the roller coaster. He comments he doesn't smell any adrenaline on SpongeBob and realizes he hasn't gone on the ride. SpongeBob nervously says he hasn't gone on the ride because he's really hungry and runs off, followed closely by Patrick. Larry says that maybe he should stop making people smell him.

SpongeBob and Patrick sit at a table eating ice cream. SpongeBob tells Patrick he got some ice cream in his eyebrows. He leaves to go the bathroom. SpongeBob looks over at the roller coaster and sees it drop down and puts his face on the table. He pretends his ice cream is alive and talks to it. He tells it the ride is really scary and the ice cream tells him he can't let Patrick down. SpongeBob then procedes to hit himself in the head with the ice cream (but it turns out the ice cream is really alive). Meanwhile, Patrick is in the bathroom talking to himself in the mirror. His reflection tells him he can't ride the ride and he's a big crybaby. Patrick gets angry and punches the mirror without breaking it. Back at the table SpongeBob is still hitting himself in the head with the ice cream cone. Patrick runs back to where SpongeBob is. They both say they have to tell each other something. Before they get a chance to a man announcing over the loud speaker that Glove World will be closing in 5 minutes. SpongeBob and Patrick quickly run over to the ride. An employee comes over to clean up their mess. When he picks up the ice cream it talks to him using the same voice.

SpongeBob and Patrick read a sign saying all the horrible things that the Fist O' Pain causes including explosive diarrhea. Patrick says he did half that stuff this morning. A call over the loud speaker says last call for the Fiery Fist O' Pain. SpongeBob and Patrick walk up and sit down on the ride. The employee buckles them in and tells them to keep their arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. He also puts helmets on them and wraps them up like mummies. They even have to sign a release in case of accidental spine loss. The ride operator counts down from ten and presses the "Go" button but nothing happens. SpongeBob and Patrick are shaking in both fear and anticipation. The guy tells them the ride is always breaking down and SpongeBob and Patrick breath a sigh of relief. He then comes back and says everything is fine and presses the button again. SpongeBob tells Patrick that he's afraid and doesn't want to face his fears. The ride gets to the top, stops and then goes again going through a saw, flaming fist and laser. The coaster drops at a 90 degree angle and their skeletons fly through the air while their bodies go down with the coaster. The ride drops into the ground causing an explosion. SpongeBob and Patrick jump out and run around in circles happy that they have conquered their fears. The employee hands them their spines and says they forget 'em. They start to wiggle and they fall backwards. SpongeBob and Patrick laugh and say they want to go again.

Song: (none)


Patrick: *SpongeBob and Patrick run through a line screaming* Yeah!

SpongeBob and Patrick: One more time!

Tom: You know, this is the line for the bathroom.

SpongeBob: *laughs* We've gone eight times.

Patrick: And I went three times all by myself.

Tom: I'm going to walk away now. *walks off*

SpongeBob: *reads sign* Warning! This ride may cause: crying, screaming, projectile vomiting, amnesia, spine loss, embarrassing accidents, uncontrollable gas...

SpongeBob and Patrick: ...and explosive diarrhea.

SpongeBob: Is that all?

Patrick: Big deal, I did half that stuff this morning.


Glove World This is the second appearance of Glove World. The first is in "Rock Bottom".

Roller Coaster Dangers According to the billboard outside of the Fiery Fist O' Pain it can cause: crying, screaming, projectile vomiting, amnesia, spine loss, embarrassing accidents, uncontrollable gas and explosive diarrhea.

Get Switched When SpongeBob and Patrick come out of the water while riding the Fist O' Pain they switch colors and faces.