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This section features pictures and a transcript of "Plankton's Holiday Hits", a short Nickelodeon airs during commercial breaks every December. Transcript's below; click pics for full-size. DO NOT DIRECT-LINK.

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*On a glistening stage sits a dark outline of a stool and a figure on it*
Voice Over: He rocked the country with his album, "Born to Chum." *A CD cover of Plankton in a leather jacket holding a guitar next to a Krabby Patty appears on-screen, based on the cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" album. It reads "Plankton: Born to Chum"* He went all the way to Number 1 with his hit record, "Krabby Road." *CD cover of Plankton crossing a street based on The Beatles' "Abbey Road" appears on-screen* And now, Plankton's back with a brand new collection of holiday hits. *We see the figure on the stool is Plankton wearing a big red bow* All of your favorites interpreted by your favorite microscopic organism. *Plankton stretches and snaps his ribbon, licks his hand to flatten his antennaes (but they pop back up), points with both fingers to the camera and gives a shining grin* Come All Ye Faithful:
Plankton: *singing to real tune* O come, all ye faithful, cower as I CRUSH YOU!
Voice Over: Joy to the World:
Plankton: *dancing and singing to real tune* I'll rule the world, and everyone; you will bow down TO ME!
Voice Over: Deck the Halls:
Plankton: *dancing, holding a microphone and singing to real tune* Deck the hall with fists of fury *punching at screen* Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha. *wipes sweat off and hangs tongue*
Voice Over: And the Nutcracker Suite.
Plankton: *singing and marching to notes* De de de de de de de de, de de de de de de de de, de de de de de de-
Different Voice Over: *talks over Plankton's continuous singing; a CD cover reading "Plankton's Holiday Hits" and Plankton's address appears on-screen* To order "Plankton's Holiday Hits", send the secret recipe to the Krabby Patty to: Plankton, at the Chum Bucket, Bikini Bottom USA. *Plankton lifts curtain containing CD cover image and his address*

(End of short. Running time: 1:00)