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Episode Title: "The Pink Purloiner"

Episode Airing Number: 85

Episode Production Number: 79

Original Airdate: February 19, 2007

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Squidwood"

Running Time: 10:59

Storyboard Director: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King, and Steven Banks

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob tries to get Patrick to confess to stealing his jellyfish net.

Story: It's time for the Jellyfish Migration and SpongeBob and Patrick are out in the fields. They see a lot of rare, exotic jellyfish such as the blue-crested blaster and the speckled squirter. A huge cloud of jellyfish of all different shapes, sizes and colors appears in the sky above them. SpongeBob takes out 'Ol Reliable and catches a whole bunch of jellyfish while Patrick can hardly catch one. At the end of the day SpongeBob and Patrick wait at the bus stop. Patrick's net is so old that it completely breaks apart. He tells SpongeBob that he would kill for a net like 'Ol Reliable.

The bus drops SpongeBob and Patrick off at their houses. SpongeBob goes to bed and gets up the next day ready for another fun day of jellyfishing. SpongeBob goes to grab 'Ol Reliable but it's missing. When he realizes this he runs out of the house in his underwear. Gary reminds him to put on his pants so he runs back to get them. SpongeBob runs and tells Patrick that his Jellyfish Net has been stolen. They go and staple up posters saying that 'Ol Reliable is missing. The "Bikini Bottom Gazette" newspaper has the story on the front page. Perch Perkins reports on the 2nd day of the big Jellyfish Migration. SpongeBob runs out to where he's reporting and takes his microphone. He announces over the TV that his jellyfish net has been stolen and that he will give a reward to anyone who can help him find it. Mr. Krabs hears this on TV and runs to ask SpongeBob how much money. Perch takes his microphone back from SpongeBob.

SpongeBob sits at home by the phone waiting for someone to call about his jellyfish net. The phone rings but it's only Patrick asking if he's got the net back yet. He hangs up the phone but Patrick calls back again two seconds later. Patrick calls back a third time and lied saying that he found SpongeBob net because he got lonely. They hang up the phone. SpongeBob looks out the window and sees Patrick running around playing with a jellyfish net. SpongeBob goes to bed and he suddenly remembers that Patrick's net broke and he doesn't have one anymore.

The next morning Patrick asks SpongeBob if he's gotten his net back yet. Trying to get Patrick to confess to stealing his net SpongeBob gives Patrick a Confessabear. Something he can tell all of his secrets to. SpongeBob runs off and waits for Patrick to tell secrets to the bear, but the only thing he tells it is that he knocked SpongeBob's toothbrush in the toilet and put it back without washing it. SpongeBob goes over to Patrick's rock and knocks. Patrick comes up with excuses for not letting SpongeBob in. When he enters Patrick is acting weird and hiding something behind his back.

The next day, SpongeBob pretends to go to work but instead spies on Patrick for 8 hours straight but he nevers moves the entire time. Patrick sneaks up behind SpongeBob and he asks him what he's doing with the binoculars. SpongeBob nervously answers him and Patrick tells him that he's acting weird. SpongeBob tells Patrick that he's the one acting weird and runs off. SpongeBob then puts on a fake moustache and pretends to be a guy looking for rare jellyfishing items and tells him that he will pay 1 billion dollars for his jellyfish net. Patrick tells him that it's his friend, SpongeBob's. SpongeBob rips the moustache off and thinks that Patrick has confessed to stealing it. Patrick finishes and says it's his friend SpongeBob's gift. Patrick made SpongeBob a new net after 'Ol Reliable was stolen. Patrick is so upset by SpongeBob accusing him of stealing that he packs his things and decides to leave Bikini Bottom and the bus shows up to pick him up. SpongeBob apologizes for accusing Patrick. The bus driver tells SpongeBob that he left 'Ol Reliable on the bus again. SpongeBob apologizes to Patrick for accusing him and gives him 'Ol Reliable. Patrick decides to stay in Bikini Bottom and they hug. The bus driver tells the passengers that they do that every week. SpongeBob and Patrick take their new nets and run to Jellyfish Fields.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: Attention, Bikini Bottom, my jellyfishing net has been stolen. I am prepared to offer a large reward for its safe return.t

Mr. Krabs: *Mr. Krabs runs to the scene* Reward? How much we talkin' about?

SpongeBob: 12 dollars and... *counts the coins* ...38 cents.

Mr. Krabs: I'm on the case. *takes SpongeBob's money and runs off*

SpongeBob: Oh, he is good. You never really know a guy until you stare at him for eight hours through high-powered binoculars. Hey, where'd he go?

Patrick: *sneaks up behind SpongeBob* Hi, SpongeBob. What are you doing?

SpongeBob: Uh, you... what the...? What are you doing?

Patrick: Nothing. I just finished. *takes out his to-do list and crosses out 'Nothing'* Oh, hey, look. You can see where I was just standing from here. Boy, if you wanted to, you could have spied on me all day from right here. *shudders* Creepy, huh? Anyway, what are you doing with those binoculars?

SpongeBob: *throws away binoculars* I don't have any binoculars, see?

Patrick: You're acting weird.

SpongeBob: I'm not acting weird! *runs off* You're acting weird! You're... acting... weird!

Patrick: Okay. Bye!


"Large" Reward SpongeBob offers $12.38 for anyone who could find his net.

Jellyfish Species Types of Jellyfish SpongeBob and Patrick see:

Blue-crested blaster

Speckled Squirter

Two-Fisted Jumper

Golden Throated Stinger

Stairs This is the first time Patrick's rock has been shown with stairs.