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Pearl Bio Picture

Character Name: Pearl Krabs

Location: Anchor home on 341 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom

Occupation: None

Interests: Shopping, hanging out with friends, tea parties

Personality: Loud, annoying, cheerful, bossy

Physical Appearance: Large, rectangular head, pink cheerleader outfit with a P in the front, pink boots, blonde hair

Family: Eugene Krabs (father), grandmother, great-grandfather

Friends: Judy and other friends (Whale of a Birthday)

First Episode Appearance: "Squeaky Boots"

Voiced By: Lori Alan

Other Info: Likes to borrow money from her father a lot. Once changed the Krusty Krab into the Kuddly Krab for a bit before she wanted out. Went to her prom with SpongeBob. Tries to get her daddy to get expensive stuff for her but it never works out. Loves the boy band "Boys Who Cry". Threw a big slumber party, which SpongeBob ruined.


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