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Episode Title: "Opposite Day"

Episode Airing Number: 9

Episode Production Number: 9

Original Airdate: September 11, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season," "Tide and Seek"

On VHS: "Laugh Your Pants Off"

Aired With Episode: "Nature Pants"

Running Time: 11:02

Storyboard Director: Chuck Klein

Storyboard Artist: Jay Lender

Writers: Chuck Klein, Jay Lender, and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: Squidward comes up with a holiday for SpongeBob and Patrick, hoping it will prevent them from disappointing a realtor who plans to sell his house.

Story: SpongeBob and Patrick throw a birthday party for Squidward on a morning that isn't his birthday. When he gets them out of the house, Squidward decides he's had enough and wants to move to a new home. He contacts a realtor, who tells him she could easily sell his house if it isn't surrounded by annoying neighbors. Squidward knows that nobody would want to be surrounded by Patrick and SpongeBob, so he needs a plan that will get his house sold.

The next morning, Squidward tells SpongeBob about a new holiday that he invented: Opposite Day. On this day, he must act the opposite of how he usually does. Now that Squidward convinced SpongeBob to be out of the way, he feels confident that his house can be sold.

SpongeBob tells Patrick about Opposite Day, and the two act the opposite of usual. They even destroy SpongeBob's house. Squidward thinks the realtor won't like seeing his neighbor's house in bad shape, so he starts working on fixing it. Meanwhile, Patrick and SpongeBob decide to act like Squidward and live in his house.

As Squidward works on SpongeBob's house, the realtor comes. In Squidward's home, SpongeBob acts as Squidward and tells negative things about the place (he's acts opposite of her asking for positive things) and terrorizes her with horrible clarinet playing. Squidward comes to the house late and discovers SpongeBob and Patrick acting as him. He tries to convince the realtor that he's the real Squidward, but she gets frustrated and leaves on him, without agreeing to sell the house.

Songs: "Happy Happy Birthday"

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday cake!

Happy Happy Birthday

Pin the tail on the seahorse

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Squidward!

"I'm Squidward"

I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward

Squidward Squidward Squidward

I'm Squidward

Squidward Squidward Squidward

I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward

I'm Squidward Squidward Squidward


SpongeBob: I'm not ready!

SpongeBob: Too bad it [Opposite Day] only comes once a year, huh Gary?

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Gary! Where's your holiday spirit?

Gary: *barks like a dog*

Patrick: Opposite Day? Hey, I've heard of that!

SpongeBob: You have?

Patrick: No! What is it?

SpongeBob: Well, whatever you normally do, today you do the opposite.

Patrick: Let me try! Let me try! *holds breath, body turns purple and blue*

SpongeBob: Patrick. Patrick, breathe!

Realtor: What kind of fool do you take me for? He's Squidward, he's Squidward, you're Squidward...I'm Squidward! Are there any other Squidwards I should know about?

Gary: *appears with a pickle nose and meows in a tone like Squidward's*

Realtor: I'm out of here.


Squidward's Presents Squidward has eight wrapped gifts when he is shown with presents at his birthday party.

Confetti When SpongeBob and Patrick leave Squidward's house after the birthday party, the confetti that fly out of the door are tan, blue, green, and purple.

SpongeBob Tentacles SpongeBob also imitates Squidward, complete with a voice, big nose, and forehead, in "Ripped Pants."

Morning Stars As Squidward tells SpongeBob about Opposite Day in the early morning outside, there are dots in the sky that look like stars.

Squidward's Kitchen This episode features Squidward's kitchen. It has cupboards, a refrigerator made of bamboo poles, a counter, sink, and dish shelf.

Pet Scallop SpongeBob's scallop in a bird cage can be seen in his bedroom.

SpongeBob and Patrick's Backwards Dialogue (when audio is reversed):

SpongeBob: "To get to the opposite side!"

Patrick: "I give up."

SpongeBob: "Hey, Patrick!"

Don't Swallow As Squidward climbs the ladder against SpongeBob's house, for a quick second, he can be seen with three nails in his mouth.

Name The business the realtor comes from is called Bikini Realty.