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Episode Title: "No Free Rides"

Episode Airing Number: 30

Episode Production Number: 30

Original Airdate: March 7, 2001

Season: 2

On DVD:"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," "Sea Stories"

On VHS: "Sea Stories"

Aired With Episode: "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

Running Time:11:12

Director: Aaron Springer

Storyboard Artist: C.H. Greenblatt

Writers: Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: Mrs. Puff gives SpongeBob his driver's license so he won't be in her class again, but sees her mistake when he gets a boat without having good driving skills.

Story: SpongeBob is taking the last driving test of the year at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, and, once again, he fails. However, he isn't too unhappy. He is excited that he'll be in Mrs. Puff's class for another year and that he'll get his driver's license the next year. Mrs. Puff, however, is haunted by the thought of having him in class another year. She decides to offer SpongeBob extra credit so he can get his license and out of her class.

To pass boating school, SpongeBob is told that his extra credit is to write a ten-word essay on what he learned in boating school. After some problems like sharpening a pencil and not wanting to hand over his essay, Mrs. Puff sees his (unfinished and messy) sentence on what he learned and rewards him his driver's license. At first, she has the thought that because he doesn't know how to drive right, he'll be dangerous on the road, but she gets over it because he has no boat to drive.

When Mrs. Puff arrives at home that night, she is thrown a surprise party by SpongeBob and his parents. They are proud that Mrs. Puff was a great teacher and gave SpongeBob his license. At the party, Mr. and Mrs. SquarePants give their son a new boat mobile. Both Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob are surprised (SpongeBob faints after seeing it). After the three leave, Mrs. Puff worries that SpongeBob will drive bad and she'll be blamed.

Once he's at home and his parents leave, SpongeBob sneaks out of bed to look at his boat mobile. He falls asleep in it. Mrs. Puff sneaks in to steal it so SpongeBob won't drive it. Then, SpongeBob wakes up and sees his boat is being stolen, and a chase ensues. Soon, SpongeBob finds out the boatjacker is really Mrs. Puff, and then the boat lands on a police car. Mrs. Puff is put in jail.

Songs: "I'm Gonna Get My Driver's License"

I'm gonna get my driver's license

And it's only gonna take one more year

One more year

One more super-duper year

One more super-spectacular

Extra magical

Extra fantastical year!

"Gonna Write an Essay"

Gonna write an essay

That's what I say!


SpongeBob: Ok, Mrs. Puff, what's my final score?

Mrs. Puff: Six.

SpongeBob: *cheers* And how many do I need to pass?

Mrs. Puff: Six. *SpongeBob does another cheer* ...hundred.

SpongeBob: My license! *licks it* It tastes just like I dreamt it would.

Mrs. Puff: What have I done? Everyone will know that I let him slide through school. I'll have to move to a new city, start a new boating school with a new Not again.

SpongeBob: *to Mrs. Puff, who's stealing the boat* Who are you and what are you doing in my boat? And why are you wearing that ski mask? Because you're not skiing!

SpongeBob: Oh, my gosh, I know who you are!

Mrs. Puff: *nervously* No, you don't! You don't know who I am!

SpongeBob: Yes, I do! I know that you're...a boat-jacker!


Title Card The title card of this episode has images of stop lights, stop signs, "Go" signs, steering wheels and tires.

Things on the Paper SpongeBob Writes His Sentence On:

-A jellyfish doodle

-A boat mobile doodle

-A doodle of SpongeBob

-A huge ink scribble

-The words "school," "how" and "drive" scribbled out

-Two small scribbles

Info on SpongeBob's Driver's License:

-He has yellow hair

-His address is 124 Conch St.

-He has blue eyes

-The license expires December 14, 2003

-His weight is one ounce

-His birth date is July 14, and the year appears to be 1986

-His height is 0.04 (doesn't say if it's centimeters, feet or inches)

Different Fish The news reporter fish is different in this episode. He has the same realistic body, but he also has hair, a brown uniform and a different voice.

Photo On Mrs. Puff's wall next to the door, there is a photo of her standing in the doorway of her house. When she first walks into the door, she looks just like her standing in the doorway in the photo.

Mrs. Puff's TV Mrs. Puff's TV set is shaped like a lighthouse.

More Photos There are photos on the wall behind SpongeBob's family and the cake of Mrs. Puff and a shark.

Light Switch and Candles The light switch Mrs. SquarePants flips turns off the candles above SpongeBob's bed.

Billboard The billboard the cops sit next to in their car says "Accidente? 555-1234." The word "accidente" is Spanish for, well..."accident."

Inside the Police Car In the police car, there is a yellow splatter on the windshield. On the dashboard is a bitten donut and a mug that says "Super Cop."