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Episode Title: "Nature Pants"

Episode Airing Number: 9

Episode Production Number: 9

Original Airdate: September 11, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season," "SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric"

On VHS: "SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric"

Aired With Episode: "Opposite Day"

Running Time: 11:01

Storyboard Director: Paul Tibbitt

Storyboard Artist: Mark O' Hare

Writers: Paul Tibbitt, Mark O' Hare, and Peter Burns

Animation Director: Sean Dempsey

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob decides to give up his job, possessions, and pants to live in the wilderness with the jellyfish.

Story: SpongeBob has a wonderful fantasy about jellyfish at work, which causes him to not be on task and starting a kitchen fire. He admits to Mr. Krabs that he wants to give up his job as a frycook and live in nature among the jellyfish. He quits and gives away his possessions to Squidward and Patrick. He then takes off his pants and leaves for Jellyfish Fields, his new home.

At Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob is thrilled that he's finally home. He wanders around with the jellyfish and tries their disgusting plant they eat. Then, he discovers Sandy and Patrick having a picnic. They pretend he's not there and say lines about how they wish their buddy was with them. SpongeBob tells them he's not coming back home. Patrick is very sad.

Later, Patrick comes to Jellyfish Fields with a jellyfishing net. He plans to put SpongeBob in a jar if he won't come back and be his friend. After chasing him and not being able to catch him, Patrick sadly gives up and leaves. A swarm of jellyfish sting SpongeBob lots of times when they discover him in their hive.

That night, SpongeBob shivers as he sleeps in a cold and damp cave with a bunch of jellyfish stings on his body. He fights off poison sea urchins clung to his body. Feeling bad about his choice he made to live in the wilderness, he walks home in the middle of the night. To his surprise, he sees Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Gary throwing a "Welcome Home" party for him. Glad to be home, he takes back his job and pants. Everyone group hugs SpongeBob, receiving the poison sea urchins he had on his body.

Song: (none)


Mr. Krabs: *to SpongeBob* This is the fourth time this week I've had to scrape you off of something.

Sandy: *guessing how long it'll be before SpongeBob comes back from living in the wild* I'll give him a week.

Squidward: I'll give him eleven minutes.

Patrick: *to SpongeBob* I miss you! Sandy misses you. Even Squidward misses you! *cuts to Squidward's house, where Squidward is partying because SpongeBob is gone*

Patrick: *feeling poison sea urchins after the group hug* Patrick itchy!


Floating Patty When SpongeBob throws the fire extinguisher at the flame, a meat patty can be seen floating in the air next to the grill.

Separated When SpongeBob is tossed in the air by Mr. Krabs with a spatula, his body separates into three parts. It comes back together once he lands on the spatula.

Gifts for Patrick The possessions SpongeBob gives Patrick are a jar of mayonnaise, five phone books, and a jellyfishing net.

Flowers In the scene where SpongeBob runs across the land as he chants "I'm home," fifteen white flowers with red dots can be seen.

Hand Shake A jellyfish also shakes SpongeBob's hand and stings it in the process in "Jellyfish Hunter."

Patrick's Jar Patrick's jar that he plans to keep SpongeBob in has a label that says "SPONGE BOB-FRIEND."

Healed The bumps SpongeBob has from the jellyfish disappear once he runs outside his cave to get rid of the sea urchins.

Lights As SpongeBob returns home during the night, the lights in Squidward's windows are on.

Same Party Hat Squidward's orange and purple striped party hat he wears at SpongeBob's party is the same one he wears at his fake birthday party in "Opposite Day."

Slime Trail Gary leaves a trail of brown slime behind him when he crawls across the floor in SpongeBob's house.