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Episode Title: "MuscleBob BuffPants"

Episode Airing Number: 11

Episode Production Number: 11

Original Airdate: September 25, 1999

Season: 1

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season," "Home Sweet Pineapple"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost"

Running Time: 11:04

Storyboard Director: Ennio Torresan, Jr.

Storyboard Artist: Erik Wiese

Writers: Erik Wiese, Mr. Lawrence and Ennio Torresan, Jr.

Animation Director: Edgar Larrazabal

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: When SpongeBob can't build up his muscles, he orders fake muscular arms to make himself look strong.

Story: One day, Sandy stops by at SpongeBob's house and sees that he uses stuffed animals for weight-lifting. She believes that he won't build muscles with such light weights, so she invites him to try out her training program.

The next morning at 5, SpongeBob tries out Sandy's training at the Treedome. The push-ups, boxing and running on a hamster wheel is a little too much for SpongeBob. When Sandy's about to introduce him to a machine called the "Arm Crusher," he chickens out and quits the program. At home, SpongeBob sees a TV commercial for a product called Anchor Arms, which are fake arms you slip on and inflate to make you look strong and muscular. SpongeBob likes the idea of them and calls in to order.

Once SpongeBob receives his Anchor Arms, he gets lots of attention from surprised body-builders at Mussel Beach. Sandy finds him inside a juice bar telling stories about his muscles to the "wannabes." She is impressed at his arms and tells him he needs to put his muscles to the test. A Juice Bar worker puts a drink on SpongeBob's Anchor Arm hand, and he is actually too weak to lift it off. The drink prevents SpongeBob from stopping Sandy from signing up for a competition where the strongest toss anchors really far.

At the anchor toss, the competitors that get their turns before SpongeBob throw their anchors far. When SpongeBob is up, he cannot even pick up his anchor. Pumping up his anchor arms to make him appear stronger doesn't help any more. He tries so hard to just pick up the anchor that his Anchor Arms explode. Sandy is not happy to see that his big, muscular arms were fake.

SpongeBob is given an exercise that is quite challenging for him at the Treedome. Sandy makes him exercise his thumb by working the button on a TV remote to surf the channels.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: Not too close, Sandy. I tend to get smelly when I'm pumping iron. Check it out. *zooms in to his very thin stick of arm*

Sandy: Well, you're smelly.

SpongeBob: *after seeing the Arm Crusher* This squirrel's trying to kill me.

Larry: *seeing SpongeBob in his muscular Anchor Arms* SpongeBob, is that you?

SpongeBob: Who were you expectin'? Tiny Tim?

SpongeBob: *lying about getting his strong muscles* I start off with twenty raw eggs a day, but that's just me.

Measurer: *measures how far Don's anchor was thrown* Two-hundred yards.

Announcer: Wow. Let's see an instant-replay. *an anchor is tossed the same distance and crushes the measurer*


Poster SpongeBob has a poster in his area where he works out that says "Smile." It has a pink heart on it.

Stuffed Animals That Are Used as SpongeBob's Weights:



-Two rabbits

-Three bears


Tom The fish known as Tom is a worker at Juice Bar and wears an orange shirt with red flowers in this episode.

One Word When Sandy signs SpongeBob up for the anchor toss, she writes his name as one word on the form ("SPONGEBOBSQUAREPANTS").

Clothing Change When SpongeBob slams into the pole where people sign up for the anchor toss, he is wearing his square pants instead of his Speedo.

Distances Anchors are Thrown at Anchor Toss:

-Don the Whale: 200 yards

-Larry the Lobster: 210 yards

-Sandy: 510 yards

-SpongeBob: 0 yards

Measurements on SpongeBob's Anchor Arms Meter (from weakest to strongest):





All the fish in the audience at the anchor toss look the same. Their appearances are...

-Red body with green shorts

-Blue body and blue shorts

-Grey with purple shorts

-Orange with green shorts

-Light purple with green shorts

Familiar Voice The fish who says "I think he lost" after SpongeBob's Anchor Arms explode has the voice of Heffer from "Rocko's Modern Life." Obviously, Tom Kenny provided the fish's voice, since he did Heffer on "Rocko."

Sandy's TV Sandy's television set is shaped like an acorn.