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Mr. and Mrs. SquarePants Bio Picture

Character Name: Mr. (Harold) and Mrs. SquarePants

Location: Bikini Bottom

Occupation: SpongeBob's parents

Interests: Unknown

Personality: Kind and caring

Physical Appearance: Mr. SquarePants: Light brown, round sea sponge, gray moustache, glasses, brown pants, small white cowboy hat. Mrs. SquarePants: Yellow, round sea sponge, black hair, purple hat and dress, white necklace.

Family: SpongeBob (son), Grandma SquarePants, Grandpa SquarePants, Blackjack (nephew), Sherm, Captain Blue SquarePants

Friends: Unknown

First Episode Appearance: "Home Sweet Pineapple"

Voiced By: Tom Kenny (Mr. SquarePants), Sirena Irwin (Mrs. SquarePants)

Other Info: Bought SpongeBob a boat after Mrs. Puff gave him his license. Came to see SpongeBob participate in Squidward's talent show. Disappointed that SpongeBob still doesn't have his license. Threw a party for SpongeBob's cousin Blackjack.


Home Sweet Pineapple
Culture Shock
No Free Rides
Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV
(only Mrs. SquarePants appeared)
Driven to Tears
Sing a Song of Patrick
(shown in picture on SpongeBob's wall)
New Digs
The Slumber Party
(shown in family picture that Mr. Krab's broke in SpongeBob's house)