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Mr. Krabs Bio Picture

Character Name: Mama Krabs

Location: Pink Anchor House, Bikini Bottom

Occupation: Mr. Krabs' mom

Interests: Shopping, grounding her son

Personality: Kind, caring, tough

Physical Appearance: Short, red, plump, two yellow eyestalks on top of her head, crinkled nose, two claws, very short legs, purple dress, large glasses

Family: Mr. Krabs (son), Pearl (granddaughter)

Friends: Old Man Jenkins

First Episode Appearance: "Sailor Mouth"

Voiced By: Paul Tibbitt (Sailor Mouth, Mid-Life Crustacean), Sirena Irwin

Other Info: Punished SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs for using bad language. Grounded Mr. Krabs for raiding her underwear drawer. Dated Plankton until she realized he was using her to get the formula. Made Mr. Krabs clothes out of rags when he was a kid because they were poor. Likes to watch Roman fights (as seen in "Spongicus").


Sailor Mouth
Mid-Life Crustacean
Friend or Foe