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Larry the Lobster Bio Picture

Character Name: Larry the Lobster

Location: Bikini Bottom

Occupation: Lifeguard at Goo Lagoon beach

Interests: Jogging, weightlifting, surfing, tanning, dancing, volleyball, swimming

Personality: Boastful, arrogant and vain, but also friendly

Physical Appearance: Red, muscular, large claws, small legs, yellow eyes, green shorts with yellow flower print, and long antennas

Family: Unknown

Friends: Sandy, SpongeBob, the ladies from the tanning booth, lots of people from the beach

First Episode Appearance: "Ripped Pants"

Voiced By: Doug Lawrence

Other Info: Shied away being a bodyguard for SpongeBob from the Tattletale Strangler. Thought SpongeBob called him fat when he said, "Shake that bubble butt!" while dancing with Bubble Buddy. Made SpongeBob jealous by going off with Sandy several times. A big supporter of Pretty Patties, SpongeBob's alternative to Krabby Patties he sold on his own. While on duty, rescued a guy who chose to read and swim, resulting in him choking on his book. Participated in Goo Lagoon's anchor-tossing contest. Was lucky enough to be spared in a gene-scramble that resulted in several Bikini Bottom citizens to have their bodies combined into one, despite he was standing there when it happened. Has been a target of the Flying Dutchman's scaring sprees twice. Gave SpongeBob the lifeguard job while he was on a date because he had "white stuff" on his nose, but realized SpongeBob couldn't swim when he had to walk into the shallow water to save his life. Got thrown out of the gym because of a lie SpongeBob printed in a newspaper. Was about to eat SpongeBob's baby pet worms.


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