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Character Name: Karen

Location: The Chum Bucket

Occupation: Computer

Interests: Helping Plankton and telling him what he's doing wrong.

Personality: Intelligent, nagging, talkative, annoying

Physical Appearance: Big, square computer screen with green lines. She is also seen smaller, rolling around on wheels.

Family: Plankton

Friends: None

First Episode Appearance: "Plankton!"

Voiced By: Jill Talley

Other Info: Karen is a W.I.F.E. (Wired Integrated Female Electroencenphalograph). Used to be a Security System and met Plankton when he installed her. Can identity the ingredients of any item. Has tried to help Plankton steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. Payed a guy to pretend to like Plankton's chum sticks. Left Plankton when he tried to replace her but eventually came back to him.


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