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Episode Title: "The Inmates of Summer"

Episode Airing Number: 105

Episode Production Number: 95

Original Airdate: November 23, 2007

Season: 5

On DVD: "Pest of the West", "Season 5, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "To Save a Squirrel"

Running Time: 11:01

Storyboard Directors: Chris Reccardi and Aaron Springer

Writers: Chris Reccardi, Aaron Springer and Dani Michaeli

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Alan Smart

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob and Patrick get on the wrong ship and end up in prison instead of summer camp.

Story: At the Bikini Bottom dock a line of kids are waiting for a boat. SpongeBob is wearing his scout uniform with a big pile of luggage beside him. Patrick runs up screaming for SpongeBob. He falls into the water and climbs back up on the dock. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he forgot to tell him he was leaving. They both start to cry and hold each other. As SpongeBob and Patrick are busy sobbing and hugging the boat arrives and all the kid's get on board while singing. They can still be heard singing as the boat pulls away. Another boat comes up right behind it, which looks much rougher than the other boat. A group of prisoners wearing black and white stripes and handcuffs marches onto the boat. SpongeBob and Patrick finally stop crying and SpongeBob gets the brilliant idea to invite Patrick to come with him to summer camp. They run up to the Warden who is standing at the entrance of the boat. SpongeBob and Patrick toss their luggage at him to carry. SpongeBob then flips him a quarter. The Warden gets so angry his eyes burn a hole right through SpongeBob's coffin. He then throws all of SpongeBob and Patrick's possessions overboard.

SpongeBob and Patrick look over at the boat that they are supposed to be on and say that it looks really boring. SpongeBob is smiling but the prisoners are not. They watch the Warden as he enters and is about to speak. The prisoners look nervous and sweaty, but SpongeBob and Patrick are happy. The Warden welcomes all of them to Inferno Island. SpongeBob and Patrick scream with joy, which of course irritates the Warden very much causing him to get in the prisoner's faces. SpongeBob whispers to Patrick, everyone snickers while the Warden points them out as a couple of rabble rousers. He tells them it's too soon after breakfast to chew somebody's head off. Patrick mentions he is a little hungry. The Warden tells a fish to bring SpongeBob and Patrick a snack. He comes back with two old tires and throws them in front of them. SpongeBob and Patrick eat the tires making the rest of the prisoners think they are very tough. They have very full bellies and Patrick says that the food coma has set in. The Warden informs them he's got a perfect place for them to digest their meal and have three prisoners dump a tub of chum with a bone, eyeball and shoe in it into a hole in the floor, which SpongeBob and Patrick are in. Three days later, the Warden lets them out. He thinks they are gonna come out begging for mercy but it turns out Patrick drinks the chum. He breaths in the Warden's face and he is disgusted by the smell.

The Warden informs them that because of that little outburst he's going to treat them to an activity so heart-wrenchingly boring and physically exhausting, that it will surely render their souls beyond repair. He has the prisoners mining rocks. They are all very bored except for SpongeBob and Patrick. SpongeBob talks to Patrick and tells him this is a fun camp game and even more so because of their ankle weights. It's time for lights out and everybody is ready to go to bed. SpongeBob sits on his bed and sighs. Patrick asks him what's wrong and he tells him he's upset because the other campers don't appear to be having as much fun as they are. Patrick suggest that they come up with a group activity they all can do together so they'll be having as much fun as each other. SpongeBob thinks that's a brilliant idea. He sits up all night at a type writer and comes up with a play for them all to perform. He goes to the Warden's room with a big stack of papers and slides them all, one by one, under his door.

The next morning, the Warden is not happy about what he finds. He asks everyone who came up with that abomination. SpongeBob speaks up and waves his arm. He asks SpongeBob what's the meaning of it and he tells him it's a play for their amusement and inspiration. The Warden ponders and agrees to let them perform the play. He tells them he'll enjoy every detail of the pathetic production because it will be the last one they will ever perform. SpongeBob and Patrick work on building a steam-powered boat. The other prisoners think it's a waste of time. Suddenly, they get an idea to use the boat to get off the island and agree to perform the play with SpongeBob. It's Opening Night and the Warden and two guards are sitting in chairs waiting for the play to start. SpongeBob and Patrick, along with their inmate "friends" perform "Together." The Warden and guards are so moved they give a standing ovation. The Warden even starts to cry. At this point the prisoners decide to make a break for it and try to escape in the boat. The Warden is still applauding as the curtain rises and SpongeBob and Patrick are standing by themselves. Just then, the boat sinks. Later on, the Warden lines the wet, dripping prisoners up to scold them. As he is doing that they hear a voice in the distance yelling. SpongeBob's camp counciler approaches. He paddles up on the deck and tries to catch his breath. After he does he explains to the Warden that he's Counciler Kraus from Sun Fun Island and SpongeBob is missing from his group. The Warden inquires what they do on his Sun Fun Island. After Kraus explains they do activities like macaroni art and singing campfire songs he gets the idea that sending his prisoners there might be a great idea. Later on all the guys are at Summer Camp making macaroni art. They are very miserable. SpongeBob and Patrick sigh and say at the same time that they like the other island better. They then start to cry.

Song: "Sun Fun Island" song

Sun Fun Island; get some fun.

Sun Fun Island, here we come.

Sun Fun Island; to get some fun!

Song: Together

'Tis we, here to sing the song of merry time for all of day.

Together! *Patrick is playing an electric guitar solo*

Together! TOGETHER! (Patrick plays an electric drum set.)

Together! *Patrick plays a synthesizer*

Together! Together! Together! To-geth-er.

Like a boat, upon the sea!


We're happy, because we're working.


That's the way, it's ought to be!


Just you, and you, and you, and you and me!

Together! Togeeeetttthhhher! TOGETHER!


SpongeBob: PATRICK, THAT'S IT! You can come with me to summer camp! Then I'd never have to say goodbye!

Patrick: Summer camp? But I'm not even ready yet!

SpongeBob: How about now?

Patrick: Yep!

Warden: Rise and shine! *everyone gets in a line* Now, which one of you vile, low-down, vile miserable ratchet swine left this pathetic, worthless, horror and meaningless... *Breathes deeply*

SpongeBob: Uh... abomination?

Warden: Who said that?

SpongeBob: *SpongeBob raises his arm* Me, sir!

Warden: What is the meaning of this thing?

SpongeBob: It's a play, for our amusement, and inspiration!

Warden: *ponders* Good. Well then, I'll watch your play, and I will enjoy every act of your pathetic, meaningless, ridiculous, production. You know why?

Prisoner: Uhh...because you cherish the fine art of dysbarism?

Warden: NO! Because this will be the last act you will ever perform in your pathetic lives! So, get to it! And I'd better be truly entertained!

SpongeBob: Cool!


Play Writing It took SpongeBob from 10:00 at night til 7:30 in the morning to write the play.

Krause's List The list of kid's in SpongeBob's summer camp are: Mattie Mollusk, Billy Belenny, Percy Perch, SpongeBob SquarePants (of course), Tom Tarpon and Lois Flatfish.

Parody The Warden is a parody of Gunnery Sergant Hartman from the classic Stanley Kurbick film, Full Metal Jacket.