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Grandma Bio Picture

Character Name: Grandma SquarePants

Location: Small Hut House in Bikini Bottom

Occupation: Grandmother

Interests: Baking cookies, kissing SpongeBob, knitting sweaters.

Personality: Loving and caring.

Physical Appearance: Round sea-sponge, glasses, white hair, green and pink dress, cane.

Family: SpongeBob (grandson), Grandpa SquarePants (husband, deceased)

Friends: Unknown

First Episode Appearance: "Grandma's Kisses"

Voiced By: Marion Ross

Other Info: Read Patrick stories and baked him cookies, making SpongeBob jealous. Sometimes gives SpongeBob a ride to work. Gives SpongeBob kisses. Sometimes treats SpongeBob like a baby. Loves to bake.


Grandma's Kisses