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Episode Title: "The Gift of Gum"

Episode Airing Number: 86

Episode Production Number: 80

Original Airdate: February 19, 2007

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Best Day Ever"

Running Time: 10:50

Storyboard Directors: Zeus Cervas and Erik Wiese

Writers: Zeus Cervas, Erik Wiese, Dani Michaeli

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Alan Smart

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Patrick gives SpongeBob a huge ball of chewing gum as a present.

Story: It's Best Friends Day and Patrick comes out of his rock with a very special present for SpongeBob, a huge ball of chewing gum. SpongeBob's present for Patrick is a robot servant. The robot shoots a pastry out and feeds Patrick. Of course, Patrick is thrilled with this. SpongeBob tries to get the huge gum wad into his house. After a karate chop he finally gets it in there. SpongeBob notices an old toothbrush and pizza stuck in the gum. A pair of underwear even crawls out of it and it stinks terribly. SpongeBob realizes he must get rid of it.

SpongeBob takes Gummy to the garage and throws it in the trashcan. Patrick and Robo see this and Robo tells him that SpongeBob is throwing Gummy away. SpongeBob thinks fast and says that he just dressing Gummy up. Patrick believes it and leaves with Robo. Next, SpongeBob tries to dig a hole and bury Gummy. SpongeBob gets in his boledozer and is about to put Gummy in the hole when Patrick and Robo appear again out of nowhere. SpongeBob lies again and tells Patrick that he dug the hole because Gummy looks so good from that angle. Again, Patrick is so gullable he believes him. Patrick then grabs Gummy and places it above SpongeBob's front door. He tells SpongeBob it makes his house look a million times better.

SpongeBob looks out the window at Gummy stuck to his house. He tells Gary it looks hideous. Suddenly, SpongeBob gets a brilliant idea. He'll pretend to be a thief and steal it. SpongeBob dresses up in black and sneaks out at night. SpongeBob desperately lanks and pulls on the gum but everything he tries just makes it worse. He sinks down in the gum and discovers that there are fish trapped down in the center of the gum ball. They come out where SpongeBob entered and rejoice that they are finally free. After, many failed attempts SpongeBob ends up trapped in the gum and left hanging.

The next morning Sandy comes along and finds him. She tries to get him loose but the gum is just too sticky. Sandy sees a truck drive by and gets an idea. She makes the gum into a lasso and hooks the back of the truck. The truck stalls for a second and then breaks in half, hitting Sandy causing her to fly back and get trapped in the gum. Meanwhile, Squidward looks out the window to see what is going on. The chewing gum causes his house to attach to SpongeBob's. Squidward falls out the window right into the chewing gum. Patrick comes over and sees the preticament that SpongeBob is in. He loves it and calls it a gummy wonderland. The Robo tries to massage Patrick but it's really getting on his nerves at this point. He notices that Sandy and Squidward are trapped in the gum as well and realizes everyone is having fun with his gum except him. SpongeBob offers to give Patrick the gum back if he can get them out of it. Patrick eats every bit of it. Afterwards, he hiccups a huge gum bubble which pops and covers SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy in gum all over agian.

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: I was digging a hole so I could get a better view of Gummy because he is so attractive and... Allow me to demonstrate. *gets in hole* See, Patrick, the view is beautiful down here.

Patrick: Yeah, he does look rather dashing from this angle. Be that as it may, Gummy must be displayed properly and proudly. And I know just the place. *puts Gummy above SpongeBob's door* Isn't he breathtaking? All right, SpongeBob, we got to go. I'm gonna learn how to use a fork. Right, Robo?

Truck Driver: *talking to truck* Come on, Old Blue. Don't you talk back to me. Do as your told. Do it! Do it! Do it! Come on girl, do it. *truck splits in half and hits Sandy throwing her into the gum*

Squidward: What the...? Just let it go, Squidward. Let it go. Don't get involved, Squidward. *Squidward's house attaches itself to SpongeBob's sending him out the window and into the gum wad* Of course.

Patrick: What's this? SpongeBob, what have you done?

SpongeBob: Now, Patrick. I can explain.

Patrick: It's-it''s amazing. It's like a gummy wonderland. Whee! Wow, I wish I were having this much fun. I knew you'd love it.


Patrick's Rock Patrick busts his rock at the beginning of the episode but it's whole again later on.

Patrick's Gum Things stuck in Patrick's gum ball:

A sock

An old toothbrush



Hot Dog


Green bottle

Old black boot

8 fish