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Episode Title: "Ghost Host"

Episode Airing Number: 73

Episode Production Number: 70

Original Airdate: May 5, 2006

Season: 4

On DVD:"Season 4, Volume 1" "Karate Island"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Chimps Ahoy"

Running Time:10:48

Storyboard Directors: Zeus Cervas and Erik Wiese

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Writers: Zeus Cervas, Erik Wiese and Tim Hill

Animation Director: Alan Smart

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: The Flying Dutchman stays with SpongeBob after wrecking his ship.

Story: The Flying Dutchman is sailing his pirate ship in the fog. He can't see and runs into a cliff causing his boat to split in half and crash to the bottom of the ocean. He calls road side assistance on his cell phone. He glances over and sees SpongeBob going into his house. The Dutchman pops up through SpongeBob's floor causing him to melt into a puddle. He tells SpongeBob that he needs to stay with him while his ship gets repaired. SpongeBob runs out of the house screaming and knocks on Squidward's door. Squidward opens the door and SpongeBob accidently knocks on Squidward's face. SpongeBob tells Squidward about the Flying Dutchman but Squidward doesn't believe in ghosts. SpongeBob runs over to Patrick's rock next but Patrick closes his rock when SpongeBob mentions the Flying Dutchman.

SpongeBob hears Gary crying. He runs back to his house to find the Flying Dutchman petting Gary. The Dutchman pretends to eat Gary. SpongeBob panics until he realizes it wasn't really him. The Flying Dutchman tries a series of pranks to scare SpongeBob such as turning him into an octopus, a moster in the refrigerator and eyeballs in his cereal. He asks SpongeBob why all his tricks aren't scaring him. He tells the Dutchman that he's already seen all his tricks. SpongeBob tells him that he needs to scare somebody new.

SpongeBob and the Flying Dutchman go to the mattress store. A customer in the store testing out a mattress falls asleep. The Flying Dutchman tries to scare him but nothing works. The mattress salesman comes in scaring the guy. Next, the Dutchman tries to scare a little girl jumping rope but that's a failure as well. He tells SpongeBob that he must not be scary anymore. They decide it would be better for the Flying Dutchman to relax at SpongeBob's house a little while longer. 6 months later the Dutchman is still there. He has gained weight from just laying on the couch. SpongeBob comes home and he's having a wild party and sitting on the sofa flirting with a girl. SpongeBob yells and tells everyone to leave. He tells the Dutchman that he's a ghost of his former self and that he needs to get off the couch and back to scaring. SpongeBob shows him a film about self awareness. The Flying Dutchman agrees and puts on his old clothes for a scaring spree.

While hiding behind some seaweed SpongeBob and the Flying Dutchman see an old woman walking by. The Dutchman tells SpongeBob that scaring her will be too easy. He goes out and tries to scare her but she can't see very well and just thinks that he's a guy named Lonnie. SpongeBob and the Flying Dutchman head for the gym where Larry is lifting weights. He's so busy looking in the mirror that he doesn't even notice the Flying Dutchman behind him trying to scare him. He tells SpongeBob that people just don't believe in ghosts anymore. That gives SpongeBob an idea. They go to Squidward's house where he's getting ready to go to bed. He goes over to his mirror and puts on some powder. The powder brush picks itself up and puts powder on Squidward. A green fog fills the room and Squidward hears his mother's voice and her face appears. She asks Squidward why hasn't he called her. Her face melts and turns into a clarinet. The Flying Dutchman slings Squidward against the wall. The floor turns into liquid and another ghost pops up eating Squidward. A huge SpongeBob appears. He's sitting in the floor breathing heavily. Spiders come out of his eyes and the Flying Dutchman appears and does a trick with his fingers. Squidward runs out of the house screaming. SpongeBob comes out and tells the Dutchman that he got his scare back. He makes a confession to SpongeBob that his ship had been ready for three months. The Flying Dutchman leaves SpongeBob a present for all his troubles and sails off. SpongeBob opens the package and a hand comes out and grabs him, pulling him in. SpongeBob laughs.

Song: (none)


Flying Dutchman: Who'd guess we have so much in common? You like teddy bears; I like teddy bears. You like ponies; I like ponies!

Nancy: Is that a wedding ring?

Flying Dutchman: Oh, this? Oh, it's nothing. *slings wedding ring*

Old Lady: Lonnie, is that you?

Flying Dutchman: What? No! 'Tis I, the ominous Flying Dutchman!

Old Lady: Lonnie, there's this great new product called toothpaste. I think you should try it.

Larry: *looking in mirror* Dude, look at your pecs! You're phonomenal! Truely a hard body. Look at those guns. *Flying Dutchman tries to scare him*

SpongeBob: Now he's got him.

Larry: *gasp* My latissimus dorsi has gone flabby! I gotta get to a rolling machine.


Modern The Flying Dutchman keeps with the times. He has a cell phone.

Hoop While falling to the ocean floor, after crashing the Flying Dutchman falls throughs a basketball hoop.

Non-Speaking Appearance Patrick appears briefly but doesn't speak.

Long Stay The Flying Dutchman stays with SpongeBob for 6 months.

Married We find out the Flying Dutchman is married. He wears a wedding ring.

Second Appearance This is the second time Squidward's mom has appeared in his thoughts. The first time was in "Fools in April".