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Character Name: Gary

Location: SpongeBob's pineapple house

Occupation: SpongeBob's pet snail

Interests: Reading poetry, watching TV, playing with his favorite ball, spending time with SpongeBob

Personality: Sweet, playful, intelligent

Physical Appearance: Blue body and eye stalks, big green eyes, orange and black eye balls, pink shell with purple spots and red swirl

Family: SpongeBob

Friends: SpongeBob, Patrick, Snellie

First Episode Appearance: "Help Wanted"

Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Other Info: Tied SpongeBob's shoes when he forgot how to. Ran away from home after being neglected by SpongeBob. Brought jellyfish back to Jellyfish fields by tapping his eyes together. Outsmarted SpongeBob so he wouldn't have to get a bath. Got sick after Squidward forgot to feed him. Read poetry for the Krusty Krab talent show. Lived with Patrick for a short time, but only wanted the cookie in his pocket. Bit many citizens of Bikini Bottom after getting a spike from Squidward's yard stuck in his shell. Lost snail race because SpongeBob worked him too hard. Was a hero when he ate all the fungus that infested Bikini Bottom. Got groomed for a pet show by SpongeBob, which Gary (of course) hated. Got in a huge fight with a worm SpongeBob found and drove her away after she had her babies.


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