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Dutchman Bio Picture

Character Name: The Flying Dutchman

Location: Ghostly ship floating above Bikini Bottom

Occupation: Haunting sprees/in charge of Davy Jones's Locker

Interests: Terrifying innocent people, making fancy rope knots, zapping those who disagree with him

Personality: Scary, loud, cruel, easily irritated

Physical Appearance: Glowing green, scaraggly beard, pirate hat with a chunk taken out, droopy nose, coat, little pigtails, ghostly tail

Family: Wife, a cousin

Friends: A bunch of ghost buddies

First Episode Appearance: Scaredy Pants

Voiced By: Brian Doyle-Murray

Other Info: Has a board game based on him - The Flying Dutchman's Treasure Hunt. Was terrified at the sight of SpongeBob's body being nothing more than a stick and his brain being exposed on top. As the head of Davy Jones's Locker, spared Krabs's life at the expense of Krabs's greed. Moved in with SpongeBob and asked for his help to make him become scary again. Recruited SpongeBob and Patrick to be ghosts and help him scare the citizens of Bikini Bottom. States "I'm the Flying Dutchman" in his sleep as he exhales when snoring. Has a dining sock he wears on his tail that he can't eat without. Mr. Krabs sold SpongeBob's soul to him for $0.62. Steals people's souls and even has a SOULS bag for them. His body is displayed in a storefront window, but his ghost still haunts the seas. Absolutely cannot eat without his dining sock, and has gone a week without eating when he lost it. Hasn't worn shoes for 5,000 years. Granted Mr. Krabs a wish to talk to his money.


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