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Episode Title: "A Flea in Her Dome"

Episode Airing Number: 99

Episode Production Number: 90

Original Airdate: August 1, 2007

Season: 5

On DVD: "Season 5, Vol. 2", "To Love A Patty"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episodes: "The Donut of Shame", "The Krusty Plate"

Running Time: 10:52

Storyboard Directors: Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas

Writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas and Steven Banks

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Sandy's treedome becomes infested with fleas.

Story: SpongeBob cries hysterically outside of his house. Patrick comes up to comfort him. SpongeBob tells him Sandy's been gone for two whole days and she won't be back for one whole hour, 26 minutes and 47 seconds. She went to a science convention in Texas. SpongeBob gets an idea to throw Sandy the mother of all parties to welcome her back. In Sandy's treedome, SpongeBob and Patrick carry in wood and tools. They paint a sign, blow up balloons, bake Sandy a cake (which Patrick tries to eat) and put up a big banner that says, "Welcome Dome Sandy." As they finish up Sandy's bus pulls up. SpongeBob tries to sing to Sandy but the bus driver has a fierce no singing policy. SpongeBob says that's okay as long as she doesn't have a fierce no partying policy. They walk into the treedome as SpongeBob explains to her what he has planned for the party and Sandy begins scratching her neck.

SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy sit at Sandy's picnic table. They prepare to eat the cake but Sandy's itching is getting worse. She scratches herself with her fork. Sandy sheds hair all over SpongeBob and Patrick's cake. SpongeBob pushes his away while Patrick combs the hair on his cake. SpongeBob takes out a present they got for Sandy. A new snowboard. Sandy continues to scratch herself. SpongeBob asks her if she wants to do some karate chopping. Sandy agrees but is preoccupied with her itching and scratching. She says it feels like something is biting her and looks inside her skin. Sandy finds a flea is biting her. She says she's not gonna take that without a fight and karate chops it but it jumps onto her leg. Sandy knawls on her leg and asks SpongeBob to get her suitcase. She takes out a flea collar and quickly puts it on. As soon as she does the flea jumps onto SpongeBob's hand. At first it just tickles SpongeBob and he laughs but soon he bites him. Sandy lets him borrow her collar for a second. When she puts it on SpongeBob the flea jumps over to Patrick. It bites him many times on the chest and stomach. He draws lines connecting all the bumps. Sandy tells Patrick the flea is sucking up his blood for nutrition. He panics because he thinks he's been bitten by a vampire flea.

Patrick takes the collar and wraps it around his waist. The flea jumps back on Sandy who takes the collar and puts it on her neck causing it to jump on SpongeBob. This goes on and on. The flea lays eggs in Sandy's fur and several more emerge and jump on everyone. Sandy tries to solve the problem by wrapping the collar around all three of them at one time. They jump off of them. Suddenly, a big swarm of fleas approach them and eats the belt. SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy try to run but the fleas form cannons and shoot more fleas at them. SpongeBob and Patrick try to leave the treedome but the fleas block the exit. Squidward walks by exercising. SpongeBob and Patrick try to get his attention. He sees them but ignores them and continues his powerwalk. Sandy tries to step on them but fleas cover her leaving her covered. She spits some out.

SpongeBob and Patrick start argueing over whose fought this is that they got in this mess. Patrick blames Sandy also who breaks it up and tells them if they wanna get out of this they have to work together. Patrick tells SpongeBob and Sandy he's got an idea. He tells SpongeBob to get on Sandy's shoulders and then he climbs on SpongeBob's shoulders. He does this to get an apple from Sandy's trees. She yells at him and tells him she doesn't play games. The fleas form an evil looking face. Sandy tells SpongeBob and Patrick to get in the treehouse but the fleas quickly fill that as well. SpongeBob asks Sandy if this is what the rest of their lives will be, living in fleas instead of water. This gives Sandy an idea. She karate chops her way through the fleas opens the treedome door and lets all the water flood in. This causes all the fish in Bikini Bottom to come swarming in being sucked by a powerful wind. The whole town is squished in Sandy's dome. SpongeBob tells Sandy it's great to have her back.

Song: (none)


Patrick: *SpongeBob sobs outside of his house* There, there, Spongebob. No need to cry.

SpongeBob: Yes there is, Patrick. Sandy's been gone for two whole days.

Patrick: Two whole days?! *starts to cry*

SpongeBob: Oh, why'd she have to go to that science convention in Tejas?

Patrick: Tejas. *cries more*

SpongeBob: She won't be back for one whole hour, 26 minutes and 47 seconds.

Patrick: Oh, 47 seconds... *sobs* I miss Sandy so much. Her tentacles, the way she plays the clarinet. Her massive nose.

SpongeBob: Patrick, that's Squidward. He's not gone, he's right here.

Squidward: *planting flowers* No, I'm not. *walks inside*

SpongeBob and Patrick: *muffled* Help! Help!

Squidward: Just ignore them, Squidward and continue your power walk. Heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, heel toe.


Must Have Forgotten In "Squirrel Jokes" SpongeBob knew what fleas were.

Eating Through Helmet? Patrick eats the apple from Sandy's tree with his helmet on.

Pronunctiation SpongeBob could not pronounce Texas correctly. They read it as Tejas, but on previous episodes, both SpongeBob and Patrick could pronounce it correctly.

Disappearing In the scene where Sandy lets in the water SpongeBob and Patrick's bumps suddenly disappear.

Familiar Song When Squidward was powerwalking, you could hear that the song he was listening to sounded similar to the smooth jazz song from "The Thing".