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The Endless Summer is a short from that educates by showing the possible effects of global warming with a familiar character everyone knows. Starring SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, the short is about Krabs building a pool as the Krusty Krab's next money-maker. With the help of global warming, he predicts an endless summer will happen and people will all pay to cool off in his pool. The Endless Summer premiered on TBS Superstation's Earth to America on November 20, 2005. On February 7, 2006 it was put on Stop Global Warming's site. It can be viewed here. Transcript and observations below; click pics for full-size. DO NOT DIRECT-LINK.

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SpongeBob: *singing and skipping to work* I'm off to work at the Krusty Krab, fryin' up patties and blabbedy-bla -- huh? *stops and notices smokestack on Krusty Krab* That's new. *enters Krusty Krab; a tube is hooked up to a boat mobile hubcap and pumping its contents out the roof* Strange place to park a car. *unhooks tube and looks at it* What's this for? *clouds from the boat blast him; he gets tied in a jumbled mess with the tube, screaming*
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! You're wasting me precious carbon doixide!
SpongeBob: Carbon dioxide?
Mr. Krabs: I'm pumpin' it into the atmosphere, boy. *pulls down tube; SpongeBob falls and Krabs hooks it back up* Thanks to global warmin' the temperature will soon go through the roof, and then we'll have an endless summer.
SpongeBob: Why do you want an endless summer, Mr. Krabs?
Mr. Krabs: *opens back door* So I can open me latest money-making venture - the Krusty Pool! *reveals swimming pool with diving board and a "$1.00" sign*
SpongeBob: *back in Krusty Krab* But what about winter sports, Mr. Krabs?
Mr. Krabs: Eh, forget winter, boy. We're rubbing sun tan and hangin' ten. And swimmin' ALL YEAR LONG!
SpongeBob: Mmm, the endless summer does sound fun.
Mr. Krabs: And profitable. *slams office door*
SpongeBob: *counts two fingers* Fun AND profitable. Big business does it again! I just wish it could be the endless summer right now. *gets idea* Hey!
*cuts to Krabs's office. Krabs plays with wax figures of himself and a customer holding a dollar bill at his desk*
Krabs as Himself: Oh, umbrellars are three dollars, sir.
Krabs as Customer: Ooh, what a bargain. I'll give you five! *figures melt*
Mr. Krabs: What the? *sweating, holding figurine puddles* Barnacles. It suddenly got very warm in here. *exits office* Who turned up the heat? *notices many boats pumping carbon dioxide through the tubes. Exits the restaurant, where outside plants are dead, the sky is yucky green and even the clouds are sloppy* SpongeBob, what are you doing?!
SpongeBob: *tosses tire on bonfire* Just throwin' another tire on the fire for global warming, Mr. Krabs! *laughs and points* Hey look, it's working! The entire town is heading this way to cool off.
Mr. Krabs: You mean payoff. Hurry SpongeBob, fill the pool, fill the pool!
SpongeBob: *turns on hose and fills pool; laughs* Aye-aye, sir!
Mr. Krabs: *places "Swim" and "$1.00" signs on road* Have your money ready, folks. The line starts here. *crowd runs by trampling Krabs without stopping* Where's everybody goin'?
Patrick: We're all moving north. We can't live here anymore. It's too hot! *runs off*
Mr. Krabs: *sadly plumps down by boiling pool; SpongeBob stands on the diving board* All me customers are moved to cooler climates.
SpongeBob: Look on the bright side Mr. Krabs: there won't be a line to go in the pool! *springs off board, all the water boils away* Geronimo! *lands on solid cement* Ouch.

(End of short.)


Music played throughout this short comes from "SpongeGuard on Duty".

Mr. Krabs's miniature figure collection includes a mini swimming pool with a diving board, him holding an umbrella and a purple fish holding a dollar bill.

Thanks to global warming, the sky turns to an eerie green, plants die, the clouds become all wavy, the ground cracks up, the ground steams, and the swimming pool water boils away.

In the crowd rushing north, people are seen carrying a briefcase, a TV, a box, a chair and a treasure chest.

SpongeBob dives into the pool wearing his pants, shoes and Krusty Krab hat.