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Episode Title: "Driven to Tears"

Episode Airing Number: 84

Episode Production Number: 77

Original Airdate: February 19, 2007

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Rule of Dumb"

Running Time: 10:50

Storyboard Directors: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Patrick takes a boating test to prove to Spongebob that it's impossible to pass.

Story: It's another day of a boating exam for SpongeBob. He's so nervous that he's got notes this time so he can pass. Only Patrick eats them so he has to go in there by himself without any help. He comes out, crying, and tells Patrick he didn't make it. Patrick is determined to prove to SpongeBob that the test is impossible to pass so he goes straight to the boat and takes the test. As he walks back to SpongeBob, he tells him that he passed, with a perfect score, and thought that he said the test was hard. SpongeBob can't believe it! Now they are on their way to get Patrick's picture for his license. At the licensing department, as Patrick is about to take his picture, confetti and balloons fall. A fish comes up to Patrick and tells him he's the 1,000,000th person to pass the test and also he's won a brand-new boatmobile! SpongeBob is jealous and tells him nothing could make this day better, except for getting his own license. Patrick tells him if he applies himself that maybe he'll be the 2,000,000th person to get his license.

Later that night, as SpongeBob is sleeping, he hears a noise coming from outside. He opens up the window and sees Patrick with his boatmobile. He asks what he is doing. Patrick responds that he's working on his boatmobile. Later, it's now 4am, Patrick knocks on the door and tells SpongeBob to guess what he did today. SpongeBob responds with all the things he did today. Patrick asks if he's been following him and tells him to get his own life.

Later, at the Krusty Krab, Mr Krabs tells SpongeBob he is now working the drive-thru. He realizes that there are a lot of young people on 'the go' these days. No one wants to sit and eat anymore. They all want to eat on the open road living their dreams. After work, Patrick drives up and reveals his new outfit. He wants keep up his image of being an expert driver. As he is taking SpongeBob for a ride, he asks him if he wants some lessons. SpongeBob goes insane and tells him everything should be his. He tears up his license and throws it out the windoww. An officer goes after them for littering (not speeding). They drive off a cliff and in front of the Bikini Bottom Jail. The Judge sentences Patrick to 90 days for littering but SpongeBob knows Patrick can't handle jail so he pleads to the judge. He gets 90 days instead of Patrick. After his sentence is up, they reunite as friends. SpongeBob gives Patrick a license plate that reads "PALS 4 EVER" for his boatmobile but Patrick doesn't have one anymore so he just sticks it on his behind.

Song: (none)


Spongebob: Patrick, did you bring my flashcards?

Patrick: Right here, buddy. *takes them out of his pocket* Everything you need to pass the test is on these cards. *eats the cards* Mmm.

Spongebob: No, Patrick!

Patrick: Hey, learning tastes good.

SpongeBob: That's it. I am through driving around with Patrick. If I have to see one more boatmobile...

Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, you're manning the drive-thru.

Patrick: Hi, mommy. Hi, daddy.

Mr. Squarepants: Patrick, how many times do we have to tell you we're Spongebob's mom and dad, not yours?

Patrick: What? I'm an orphan?


Pantsless When Patrick began his driving test, he had no shorts on. When he finished the driving test and showed SpongeBob his results, he had shorts on.

Boatmobile The boatmobile that Patrick won is the same boatmobile that Mrs. Puff had in "Wishing You Well".

Expert Driver The uniform Patrick wears when he says he's an expert driver is one of the uniforms that Super Dave Osborne wears.