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Episode Title: "The Donut of Shame"

Episode Airing Number: 99

Episode Production Number: 90

Original Airdate: August 1, 2007

Season: 5

On DVD: "Season 5, Vol. 2", "To Love A Patty"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episodes: "A Flea in Her Dome", "The Krusty Plate"

Running Time: 7:00

Storyboard Director: Nate Cash

Writers: Nate Cash and Dani Michaeli

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Patrick feels guilty after taking a donut from SpongeBob.

Story: Patrick wakes up grunting and drooling after a night of partying. He looks at the mess around the kitchen and falls off the ceiling and into a chair. Patrick tells SpongeBob they shouldn't have stayed up passed 8:30 cause things get really crazy after 8:30. Shows SpongeBob and Patrick, the night before at 8:35 having a tea party. SpongeBob is still sleeping and Patrick notices a donut in his hand. He chuckles and tries to run off with it but Patrick is just pulled right back to SpongeBob. He takes it out of SpongeBob's hand and runs to his rock with it.

Patrick opens up his kitchen cabinet. All of his plates fall out and break except one. He calls it the good plate and pushes the plate he has out of the way. Patrick says he doesn't think he's ever seen a donut this nice before. He's about to eat it but stops when he thinks of the donut SpongeBob had the night before. He does a flashback to the night before of SpongeBob and his donut and he tells Patrick a donut that special would really make a guy happy and he passes out. Back in the present, Patrick puts the donut in his mouth but quickly spits it back out. A red devil donut appears above his shoulder and tries to convince Patrick to go ahead and eat the donut. A white angel then appears above the other shoulder trying to stop him. The red one tells Patrick to attach a chain to the donut and when SpongeBob wants it back just pull it out. Surprisingly, the white donut agrees with him. Patrick eats the donut with the chain attached. He pulls out the chain but the donut is not on the end of it but quickly coughs it back up.

The phone rings. It's SpongeBob calling Pat to tell him he's got the whole party on video tape and that he's coming over so they can watch it together. Patrick starts to panic. He tries to hide the donut behind a picture but it slides down the wall. He then tries to hide it in a lamp but the big shadow of the donut appears on the ceiling. SpongeBob is approaching Patrick's rock and getting closer as he continues to try to hide the donut. After putting the donut in the toaster, Patrick even attempts to dispose of the donut in the toilet and in the attic (which he doesn't even have one). As SpongeBob comes in Patrick hides the donut in the back of his pants. SpongeBob takes out the tape and puts it in Patrick's VCR. Patrick stops him and admits to SpongeBob he stole the donut but he tells Patrick that he really needs to watch the video. He pushes play and the video shows SpongeBob giving the donut to Patrick. He takes it out of his pants and asks SpongeBob if it's really his. He tells Patrick of course cause it was his birthday yesterday. Patrick offers to share it with SpongeBob and splits it in half with him but he stops chewing because of the terrible taste.

Song: (none)


Patrick: *Wha....?? What happened? Where am I? *looks at all the mess that's around the room and chuckles* Oh yeah, the party. I must've passed out in SpongeBob's kitchen... on the ceiling. *falls off the ceiling and into a chair* See, SpongeBob? I told you we shouldn't stay up past 8:30. Things get real crazy after 8:30! *clock shows 8:35 and SpongeBob is playing tea party up in his room*

SpongeBob: Would you like another spot of tea, Ms. Nibsy? Oh, you would? *pours her some tea*

Patrick: Whoo... chamomile, chamomile, chamomile!

Red Donut: Go on and eat it. What are you waiting for?

White Donut: Don't do it, it's SpongeBob's donut.

Red Donut: Don't listen to him, he's covered in sprinkles.

Patrick: I hate conflict!


Main Character This is one of the two episodes where Patrick is the only main character. The first was "Rise and Shine."

Second Appearance In the scene where SpongeBob and Patrick are having a tea party Beary and Ms. Nibsy from "Skill Crane" are there.

Date The date must be February 27, since SpongeBob said it was Patrick's birthday the day before.

Jelly? Patrick thought that when he put the donut under the rug, SpongeBob would step on it, and jelly would come out. When they eat the donut, there is no jelly. However, it was Patrick's imagination, so it did not have to be true.

Getting Dressed Quickly When Patrick is outside he has underpants on but when he goes into his rock his pants are on.

Disposing of Donut Patrick tries to hide the donut behind a picture, in a lamp, under the rug, in the toaster, in the toilet and even in the attic (which he doesn't even have one).