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Episode Title: "Chimps Ahoy"

Episode Airing Number: 70

Episode Production Number: 70 (?)

Original Airdate: May 5, 2006

Season: 4

On DVD: "Whale of a Birthday"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Ghost Host"

Running Time: 10:56

Storyboard Directors: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks

Technical Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Sandy's bosses are coming down to check for a good invention, but she doesn't have one. SpongeBob and Patrick help build one before she's fired and forced to leave Bikini Bottom.

Story: SpongeBob gets a new Goofy Goober backscratcher in the mail. He and Patrick like it so much that they go to Sandy's to get her to try it out. At the Treedome, they discover Sandy in a wreck. It turns out her bosses, the chimps, are coming from Treedome Enterprises Limited to visit the Treedome to see what she's invented. If she doesn't have a good invention, she will have to leave Bikini Bottom because they'll cut her funding. She shows SpongeBob and Patrick her inventions, and they are definitely nothing impressive. SpongeBob and Patrick volunteer to whip up something for her to save her.

Patrick and SpongeBob don't accomplish much, and they can't help but cry after she sings and plays on her guitar a sad song about having to leave town at the bus stop. They vow to work harder to build an invention that'll want the bosses to fund Sandy forever.

The bosses - Professor Percy, Dr. Marmalade and Lord Reginald - show up the next day, ready to see an invention. After the three chimps and the boys introduce themselves to each other, SpongeBob takes them into the Treedome. SpongeBob unveils the machine, a chair that combs your hair, scratches your back, picks your nose and tunes your ukelele. The chimps are not impressed at the sight of it. However, Patrick lets Lord Reginald try it out and he's quite satisfied - until the machine malfunctions and attacks him.

Sandy is boarding the bus to leave town when she hears screaming. She returns to the Treedome and finds the machine malfunctioning on Lord Reginald. Then the machine flings him out. The chimps immediately tell her that they're closing her Treedome. As the chimps leave, Dr. Marmalade pulls out a banana. The chimps are thrilled to discover Sandy's robotic nutcracker peels bananas, as they've been searching for 117 years for a banana peeler. They have a change of heart and give Sandy a 20 year contract and pay rise, meaning she gets to stay in Bikini Bottom.

Song: "So Long, Bikini Bottom"

So long, Bikini Bottom

I can't leave without a goodbye

But please don't think bad of me if'n I start to cry

So long, Bikini Bottom

There's so many things I'll miss

From your smoggy, crowded city to your stinging jellyfish

This town is filled with many things that I've come to love

From the birds that fly upon the ground to the flowers up above

Farewell, Bikini Bottom

Now I really hate to go

'Cause the things I'll miss most of all are the friends I've come to know


Patrick: Let me try! *grabs backscratcher from arm and scratches back*

SpongeBob: Uhh, Patrick, that's not the backscratcher, that's my arm. *reveals his arm missing*

SpongeBob: Onward to Squidward's house! *him and Patrick march*

Squidward: *from inside house* Go away!

SpongeBob: *marches the other way* To Sandy's house!

SpongeBob: *through headset to nutshell* SpongeBob to peanut. Come in peanut. *signaling*

Patrick: What's it saying?

SpongeBob: It says...'It's dark in here.'

Patrick: I made an invention! It's a stick that you can draw or write something with.

SpongeBob: That's a pencil, Patrick. It's already been invented.

Patrick: Ooh! Ooh! This is a good one. It's a glass bulb that lights up so you can see in the dark.

SpongeBob: Lightbulb, already invented.

Patrick: SpongeBob! I know this one will work. I've invented a parallel universe.

SpongeBob: That's a mirror, Patrick. It's already been invented.

Patrick: *walks away* Ugh! Somebody keeps stealing my ideas.

Mirror Sponge: *with goofy accent* Well, I thought it was a pretty good idea.

SpongeBob: Patrick, they're here!

Patrick: Who?

SpongeBob: Sandy's bosses. *Patrick stares blankly* The reason we spent all afternoon inventing.

Patrick: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Patrick: *to chimps* You guys talk funny! Say more words!

SpongeBob: Why, everybody in town has benefitted from Sandy's scientific knowledge. Before Sandy showed up, I used to be a squawny weakling.

Patrick: And I used to be dumb. *goofy laugh*

SpongeBob: Patrick!

Patrick: That's Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick to you!

Patrick: It's OK. The horrible screaming means that it's working!

Sandy: Will this bus take you somewhere when you've got nowhere else to go?

Busdriver: Aye, sure does. We make stops in Quittersville, Failuretown and Loserberg.


Episode Title This episode title is a take on the popular cookie brand, 'Chips Ahoy!'

Monkey Images This episode's title card contains images in the background of monkeys chained to one another by their arms. The way they connect is based on the monkeys from the popular Barrel of Monkeys game.

Styrofoam When SpongeBob punches his fist through the package in the mail, some Styrofoam falls to the ground that disappears right after the closeup of the backscratcher in his hand. Also, the mailbox disappears as SpongeBob and Patrick walk to Squidward's.

Movie Callback This episode contains the first season four reference to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. SpongeBob gets the official Goofy Goober backscratcher in the mail.

Sandy's, err...not very good inventions:

-A headset that lets you communicate with peanuts

-The Nuttichino machine: Makes a drink out of the nut you place in there

-The Nutcracker: A robot that cracks nutshells

No Reaction The peanut headset doesn't get destroyed when SpongeBob places it in his water helmet.

Fancier Bus The chimpanzees show up at Sandy's in a yellow submarine bus instead of the normal orange one.

Size Error The chimps are about the same size as Sandy when they visit her underwater, but on land a primate would be way bigger than a squirrel.

SpongeBob and Patrick's Invention: The Automatic Backscratcher-Hair-comber-Nose-Picker-and-Ukelele-Tuner 9000 (which also feeds you pudding). On the machine there are wads of chewing gum, nails sticking out, a bandage, patches of tape, a lollipop, and 'Dr. Professur Patrick Rulez!' grafittied on it.

Things in the machine that attack the chimp:

-Massaging hand

-A pair of scissors

-A corkscrew

-A spinning blade

-A torch

-A needle

-A spark plug