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Episode Title: "Born to be Wild"

Episode Airing Number: 89

Episode Production Number: 78

Original Airdate: March 31, 2007

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "Best Frenemies"

Running Time: 10:45

Storyboard Directors: Luke Brookshier and Tom King

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Tom King and Steven Banks

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Tom Yasumi

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob and the gang get terrified when a big, scary biker gang comes through town.

Story: A group of motorcycles go down the road so fast they catch the coral on fire as they pass. At Jellyfish Fields SpongeBob is jellyfishing and notices the road as he tries to catch one. He tells the jellyfish that he shouldn't play in the street or he could get run over. The motorcycle gang rushes by almost running over SpongeBob. He grabs a hold of one of their jackets and rips a letter off of it. He notices it's a W and they are called the Wild Ones. Suddenly, an old man in farmer's clothes pops up with a pick-axe in his hand. He tells SpongeBob that the Wild Ones are the most vicious and bloodthirsty biker gang around and they have destroyed entire cities in an afternoon. SpongeBob says he must run and warn everybody so he takes the shortcut.

Out of nowhere SpongeBob pops up in the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob yells and panics telling Mr. Krabs about the bikers. He grabs everything in sight and tries to block the front door. SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that the Wild Ones are the most vicious, ravenous herd of hooligans in the sea. Mr. Krabs thinks that they're going to come and eat at the Krusty Krab so he puts up a sign that says "Welcome Wild Ones!" He also makes Chopper patties and even raises the prices 150%. SpongeBob starts sobbing and runs off. Mr. Krabs says that he needs a vacation (unpaid, of course). SpongeBob runs up to Squidward's house and knocks on his door. When he tells Squidward about the vicious bikers he isn't the least bit scared and makes fun of SpongeBob. He tells him to turn around and get a good grip on his pants. Squidward then kicks SpongeBob who lands next to Patrick. SpongeBob warns him as well but all Patrick is worried about is SpongeBob not saying hello to him. When SpongeBob does then Patrick starts to panic. SpongeBob and Patrick scream and run into each other several times. Then they run to Jellyfish Fields and hide in a giant clam. The clam spits them out and uses mouthwash afterwards. Finally, they try to hide in some kelp grass but a mower comes along and chops them up. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he's tired of running and if they dressed like the bikers they would be just as scary.

SpongeBob and Patrick dress up in jeans and leather jackets. They rev up their engines and head out on their bicycles. Everyone is laughing at them but SpongeBob thinks that they think they're vicious bikers. They arrive at the Krusty Krab. They see Squidward and ask him if he's interested in joining their biker gang (or club, or organization.) Of course, he refuses. Mr. Krabs sees SpongeBob and Patrick and says that the bikers can work up an appetite by beating them up in the parking lot. SpongeBob tells him they're going to run off the bikers and save the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs tells him that he won't be running away any of his customers. Squidward speaks up and says that SpongeBob is overreacting. Suddenly, motorcycles are heard approaching. Squidward sees them through the binoculars.

Patrick panics and runs through Jellyfish Fields and to the bus stop. The bus takes him to where a plane picks him up and onto a rocketship. Squidward yells for everyone to run for their lives. It's total chaos as everybody tries to hide. Squidward runs out of the Krusty Krab and begs for the bikers not to kill him. They ride in a circle around him and stop. Squidward sees that they are just old men. One of them introduces themselves as the Mild Ones. SpongeBob turns his W upside down and sees that it's an M. Mr. Krabs asks if they're going to spend any money but the leader just tells him to kiss the seat of his pants and rides off. SpongeBob asks where Squidward is and it shows him riding off with the bikers yelling "Ride to live and live to ride."

Song: (none)


SpongeBob: Bye "Ild Ones". I like your silly name. Hmm..."w". Oh, oh, they're not the "Ild Ones". They must be the "Wild Ones".

Farmer Fish: The Wild Ones? Tarnation! Don't you know who the Wild Ones are, son?

SpongeBob: No, I don't know who you are either.

Patrick: If we dressed like that then we'd be the big, scary bikers and they'd be little baby doody-heads.

SpongeBob: Say that again, Patrick.

Patrick: Little baby doody-heads?

SpongeBob: See Squidward? We walk the walk but can we talk the talk? Do you want to join our biker gang?

Squidward: No, I don't.

Patrick: What about our biker club?

Squidward: No.

SpongeBob: How about our biker organization?

Squidward: No! I don't want to join your biker alliance, outfits, or your fellowships!

SpongeBob: What about our coalition?

Patrick: Ooh, I don't know. That one's pretty exclusive.

SpongeBob: *takes out clipboard* We'll just put you down as undecided. *Squidward groans and walks away* Hi, Mr Krabs. We're the Bikini Bottom bad boys and we're bad to the bone.

Mr. Krabs: This'll be great! Those bikers can work up an appetite by beating you up in the parking lot. Then they can fill up on delicious Krabby Patties then they can beat you up again.


Jellyfish Field's Location Jellyfish Fields is shown to be 50 miles away from Bikini Bottom according to the sign but in other episodes it seems much closer.

Short cut SpongeBob uses a short cut to get to the Krusty Krab. Something similar happens in "Wormy" when SpongeBob and Patrick use a secret entrance through a rock.

Patrick's underwear Patrick is wearing Goofy Goober underwear just like in the movie..