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Episode Title: "Boat Smarts"

Episode Airing Number: 91

Episode Production Number: 84

Original Airdate: July 23, 2007

Season: 5

On DVD: "Season 5, Vol. 1", "Bikini Bottom Adventures"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episodes: "Spy Buddies," "Good Ol' Whatshisname"

Running Time: 3:57

Storyboard Directors: Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas

Writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas and Richard Pursel

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Alan Smart

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: Squidward and SpongeBob help Mrs. Puff make an instructional boating video.

Story: Mrs. Puff is making an instructional video about how to safely drive a boat. Squidward and SpongeBob are demonstrating how to properly and recklessly drive a boat. First, both SpongeBob and Squidward have to check the tire pressure on their boats. Squidward checks his and its perfect. Then, it's SpongeBob's turn and he blows so much air in his tire the boat flips over, the tire explodes and the air blows in Squidward's face.

Next, they focus on buckling up your seatbelt. Squidward puts on his safety belt and slowly stops at a red light. SpongeBob comes through driving like a maniac. Squidward screams as he slams into him, sending him into the air still attached to his seat and seat belt. A spikey steamroller comes towards him and Squidward tries desperately to get loose but fails and gets crushed into the spikes. Mrs. Puff then switches to adgusting mirrors. Like usual SpongeBob is crazily driving as he adjusts his mirror, hitting citizens with his boat. Squidward adjusts his perfecly though demostrating how it should be done. SpongeBob cuts off Squidward and drives in front of him. He tells SpongeBob to adjust his mirror, which he does causing Squidward to get blinded. He puts on sunglasses to help block the light but crashes into a brick wall.

As the video goes on Mrs. Puff discusses always paying attention to your surroundings and avoiding distractions. Squidward's eyes are locked firmly on the road while SpongeBob (not surprisingly) eats a burger, reads the newspaper and shaves while driving. He drives the wrong way down a one way street and causes a fish to crash into a light pole. SpongeBob keeps on driving the wrong way causing many boats to crash. His boat slips on some water and he spins around and around. SpongeBob's boat drives backward as Mrs. Puff and Squidward drive down the street towards him. SpongeBob's boat stops on a rock and sends Squidward's boat into the air and into the pile of boatmobiles (from the accident SpongeBob caused). Mrs. Puff blows up huge. SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff and Squidward that they've forgot their Boat Smarts, laughs and drives off.

Song: (none)


Narrator: "Boat Smarts with Mrs Puff". This driving film is brought to you by: C.O.B.B.U.T.K.S.B.S.P.O.T.R.A.O.O.B.A.T. (Citizens Of Bikini Bottom United To Keep SpongeBob SquarePants Off The Road And Out Of Boats All Together)

Mrs. Puff: Good day, future motorists. I'm Mrs Puff, state accredited boating instructor. Today, we'll be discussing the differences between a driver with boat smarts... *cut to Squidward in an airplane uniform*

Squidward: Ripping good day for a spot of driving.

Mrs. Puff: ...and a driver without boat smarts. *SpongeBob slides in on his head*

SpongeBob: Hey, Squidward! Look at what I can do with my feet! *wiggles his legs causing Squidward to get angry*

Woman Fish: *SpongeBob causes her to crash into a pole* Jerk!

SpongeBob: Hi there!


Tire Pressure SpongeBob should have checked the tire pressure like he did in "Pizza Delivery".

Chaos It's surprising that Mrs. Puff allowed SpongeBob to drive on the road and do all those things for the video knowing what a terrible driver he is.

Instructional Videos This the second instructional video of the show. The first was Mr. Krab's video for the Krusty Krab in "Krusty Krab Training Video".