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Episode Title: "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

Episode Airing Number: 30

Episode Production Number: 31

Original Airdate: March 7, 2001

Season: 2

On DVD:"SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Second Season," "Fear of a Krabby Patty"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "No Free Rides"

Running Time:10:55

Storyboard Director: Jay Lender

Storyboard Artist: William Reiss

Writers: Jay Lender, William Reiss and Mr. Lawrence

Animation Director: Sean Dempsey

Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob joins the jellyspotters so he can hang out with Kevin, the Sea Cucumber.

Story: SpongeBob and Patrick are at the biannual Jellyfish Convention. Patrick is going around touching everything and a guard follows him telling him to stop. He even touches the wound on Dr. Manowar's face. SpongeBob spots Kevin and the Jellyspotters and goes up to them while Kevin is answering questions. SpongeBob is so excited he can't ask a question and just repeats, "Hi, Kevin." Kevin calls security, but SpongeBob tells him he's his biggest fan and will do anything for him. Kevin asks SpongeBob to jump off a building and punch himself in the face. He does both of these things and Kevin tells the Jellyspotters that they have to take him jellyfishing with them. Kevin wants to see how long it takes SpongeBob to run home like a baby.

Kevin, SpongeBob and the Jellyspotters arrive at Jellyfish Fields. Kevin tells SpongeBob that he must pass a rigorous test before becoming a Jellyspotter. He first tells SpongeBob that he has to catch a jellyfish. A jellyfish drops into his net. Then he has to catch two jellyfish, which also drop into his net. Kevin tells him that he needs to catch 20. A whole bunch of jellyfish fall into his net. Kevin kicks them causing him to get stung. The next test is letting the jellyfish eat jelly off of SpongeBob's face. Kevin smears some on and the jellyfish form a beard on SpongeBob's face. He sneezes and the jellyfish land in Kevin's eyes. They sting causing him to have red, swelled eye sockets. SpongeBob tries many more tests, but each one results in Kevin getting stung.

Kevin tells SpongeBob it's time for his last test: to capture a Queen Jellyfish. They tie SpongeBob up and give him a jellyfish call to blow, which says, "Loser! Loser! Loser!" Kevin and the fish go hide behind a bush while SpongeBob blows the call. Night comes and nothing has happened. A shadow hovers over SpongeBob and he calls for Kevin. The bush they were hiding behind blows away revealing they are not there. The Queen burns SpongeBob's sticks releasing him. She chases after SpongeBob and he runs trying to avoid her zaps. SpongeBob gets on his knees and begs for mercy. The front of the jellyfish opens revealing Kevin and the Jellyspotters laughing at SpongeBob. He tells Kevin that he was his biggest fan. Kevin points down at the bottom of the cliff revealing a bunch of people trapped down there, who are yelling and praising Kevin. He tells SpongeBob they were his biggest fans also.

While Kevin and the Jellyspotters are making fun of SpongeBob a huge jellyfish rises out above the cliff. It's King Jellyfish whose wearing a crown and robe. He sees Kevin and starts to chase after him, trying to fry him. They all seek shelter in a cave. Kevin sends one of the fish out to check, but he gets fried. SpongeBob decides to go out and face the King. He pulls out some bubbles and blows one in the shape of a slice of pie. The King eats it and turns around and leaves. The fish rip off Kevin's crown and gives it to SpongeBob. He says he didn't know it was a hat. Kevin, who has tears running down his face says it wasn't. Back at the convention Patrick asks SpongeBob about the club. He says he turned them down because it's about jellyfish, not Kevin. Patrick tells him he's glad he's learned his lesson and that hero worship is unhealthy. He leaves pulling Jeffrey Jellyfish, whose tied up in a wagon, behind him.

Song: (none)


Patrick: What's so great about a nerdy pickle?

SpongeBob: If I could just touch the hem of his pocket protector, then maybe some of his greatness would rub off on me.

Patrick: SpongeBob, as a friend, I must say that's really geeky.

SpongeBob: Hi, Kevin. Iím your biggest fan.

Kevin: You're too kind. Security!

SpongeBob: No, wait. I would do anything for you!

Kevin: Why don't you go jump off a building? *SpongeBob jumps off building and comes back inside*

SpongeBob: Anything. . .

Kevin: Punch yourself in the face. *SpongeBob punches himself with a boxing glove* Doesn't that hurt you?

SpongeBob: *pulls out metal glove with spikes* Do you want it to hurt me, Kevin?


Kevin's Ointment Kevin's ointment is advertised at the convention. The sign says "Got stings? Use Kevin's Ointment. Kevin's favorite."

Building The building SpongeBob jumps off of cannot be seen from the window.

Nets and Jars The jars and jellyfish nets disappear while SpongeBob is talking to Kevin. SpongeBob is only holding one net.

SpongeBob's butt You can see SpongeBob's buns when the jars and nets are taken out of the "trunk".

Football Jersey The number on King Jellyfish's football jersey is "00".