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Episode Title: "Best Day Ever"

Episode Airing Number: 80

Episode Production Number: 80

Original Airdate: November 10, 2006

Season: 4

On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 4, Volume 2"

On VHS: (none)

Aired With Episode: "The Gift of Gum"

Running Time: 11:15

Storyboard Directors: Nate Cash and Tuck Tucker

Writers: Nate Cash, Tuck Tucker, and Steven Banks

Creative Director: Vincent Waller

Animation Director: Larry Leichliter

Supervising Director: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob's best day ever doesn't turn out like he planned.

Story: SpongeBob wakes up and starts singing. The sun shines brightly in his window. SpongeBob explains to Gary all the exciting things he has planned for today: work at the Krusty Krab, karate with Sandy, jellyfishing with Patrick and going to Squidward's clarinet recital. After singing a song about the Best Day Ever SpongeBob arrives at the Krusty Krab. When he gets there he discovers the Krusty Krab has been condemned due to a nematode infestation. SpongeBob starts playing his nose as a flute and leads the nematodes away from the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob gets tired and stops playing and the nematodes fall asleep.

SpongeBob's watch beeps and he realizes he's late for his karate date with Sandy. SpongeBob sneaks in Sandy's treedome and hides behind a bush. He uses his new adhesive gloves to jump up and stick to the top of Sandy's dome. SpongeBob jumps at her while she's on a ladder. She tells SpongeBob that she can't play right now because she has to repair a bad leak in the roof. He jumps up high sticking to the roof, covering Sandy's leak with his glove. She runs off and leaves SpongeBob there so she can go get some sealant and a patch. He slips out his glove and lands on the ground.

At Jellyfish Fields SpongeBob arrives to find Patrick running around chasing a jellyfish. Patrick starts to cry because his net broke. SpongeBob gives Patrick his old net because he got a brand new one. Before SpongeBob finishes talking Patrick breaks SpongeBob's old net and takes his new net. SpongeBob waits while Patrick plays with his net. He tries to get Patrick's attention and tell him that it's his turn but Patrick ignores him. SpongeBob finally gives up and leaves telling Patrick he'll see him at Squidward's concert.

SpongeBob arrives at the Rec Center, only to find Squidward sobbing outside. He broke his reed and is now unable to play his clarinet. SpongeBob pulls out his front tooth and gives it to Squidward so he can use it as a reed. When SpongeBob tries to go into the Rec Center the Usher stops him and won't allow him in without his ticket. He can't find it so SpongeBob tries to trick the usher by using a puppet, sneak in the back door and climb up the side of the building but he fails every time. He then tries to use a flamethrower to cut through the door and sneak in inside Mrs. Puff's purse. Finally, the usher discovers that SpongeBob is on the V.I.P. list and finally allows him in. Unfortunaly, by this time the concert is over. SpongeBob is extremely angry and gives a speech in front of the entire audience about how his best day ever is ruined. Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs explain to SpongeBob that the day wasn't as bad as he thinks and they perform a play up on stage.

Song: "Best Day Ever"

My perfect job starts my perfect day

Then it's time to kick back, relax and play

Sing along, hear that happy sound

Don't let those sour notes bring you down

That's where it's at

I'm not payin' for that

It's the best day ever (best day ever)

It's the best day ever (best day ever)

It's the best day ever (best day ever)

It's the best day ever (best day ever)


SpongeBob: This was supposed to be my perfect day. But then everything... *a fish gets up and starts to leave* Sit down! Then everything turned to doo-doo. *Mr Krabs, Patrick and Sandy go upstage with SpongeBob*

Mr. Krabs: It's okay, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: No, it's not okay! This was going to be my best day ever, starting with doing the best job in the world: working at the Krusty Krab.

Mr. Krabs: Boy, you saved me barnacle the way you put the run on them nematodes.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I guess so. But then I was going to do karate with Sandy.

Sandy: I know, but you saved the treedome! Pretty cool, if you ask me.

SpongeBob: Well, I suppose. But then I was going to go jellyfishing with Patrick.

Patrick: But then you... Uh, what'd you do again?

Squidward: How long do we have to keep this up?

Mr. Krabs: Just till his little heart gives out, Squidward. Just till his little heart gives out.


Nematodes This is the second time nematodes have invaded a place SpongeBob cares about. In "Home Sweet Pineapple" they eat SpongeBob's house.

Squidward's Recital Squidward doesn't play the clarinet good enough to get his own concert at the Rec Center. How he pulled that off is unknown.

Sneaking In Different ways SpongeBob tries to sneak in the Rec Center:

Using a SpongeBob puppet

Through the roof

Using a torch

In Mrs. Puff's purse

Sandy's tail When SpongeBob is on stage explaining how is best day ever went bad, Sandy's tail is white for a second.