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Episode Title: "Arrgh!"
Episode Airing Number: 17
Episode Production Number: 17
Original Airdate: March 15, 2000
Season: 1
On DVD: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete First Season," "Fear of a Krabby Patty"
On VHS: "Fear of a Krabby Patty"
Aired With Episode: "Rock Bottom"
Running Time: 11:02

Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen
Storyboard Artist: Vincent Waller
Writers: Sherm Cohen, Vincent Waller and Merriwether Williams
Animation Director: Sean Dempsy
Creative Director: Derek Drymon

In Brief: SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and Patrick become pirates and hunt for treasure.

Story: One quiet day at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is looking for customers when he hears SpongeBob exclaim "I'm rich!" Expecting money, he finds SpongeBob and Patrick playing a board game called the Flying Dutchman's Treasure Hunt. He decides to join in. When he wins the game, he wants to play another. He keeps winning and wants to play all night. Finally, SpongeBob gets get and calls it a night and leaves with Patrick.
At home, SpongeBob finds Mr. Krabs in his house wanting to play another game. He is reluctant, but Mr. Krabs won't stop, so he has to scream at him to let him know he doesn't want to play. Mr. Krabs leaves and lets him get some sleep.
The next morning, SpongeBob finds Mr. Krabs in front of the pineapple with a big ship. He wants to go on a treasure hunt, so SpongeBob and Patrick join him. On the treasure hunt, the pirate ship crashes into a rock and the three must continue on foot. They find a seaweed that they must walk 10,000 steps from to find the treasure. When they reach the amount of paces, they find no treasure. It turns out that Patrick lead them west instead of east by misreading the compass. They have to start over.
SpongeBob and Patrick get really tired and hungry from all the walking. Mr. Krabs is disappointed that his crew isn't loyal, so they decide to stick with him. At night, the two are laying on the ground and want to go look for the treasure. They go into Mr. Krabs's tent to ask if he wants to find it, but he isn't there. They see the map and touch it, and then it opens. They check out the map and discover it's their game board taped to paper. Mr. Krabs, who has told them only he can look at the map, is not happy when he finds them looking at it.
Mr. Krabs yells at SpongeBob and Patrick and they crouch down. They find themselves on the X hiding the treasure. Everybody is happy and Mr. Krabs has his pirates dig up the treasure chest. Everyone is angry again when Mr. Krabs says he will keep all of the treasure and not share it. The Flying Dutchman, who is sleeping in a floating ship above them, wakes up from their fighting. He rewards SpongeBob and Patrick with a gold doubloon each for finding his treasure and saving him lots of digging. Mr. Krabs gets a tiny plastic treasure chest.

Song: (none)

Mr. Krabs: *talking about table* Aye. But did you scrape all the gum off the underside?
SpongeBob: *seen chewing gum with Patrick* I already took care of it.

Mr. Krabs: Patrick, you're fired.
Patrick: But I don't even work here!
Mr. Krabs: Would you like a job starting now? *puts Krusty Krab hat on Patrick*
Patrick: Why, would I!
Mr. Krabs: *swipes away hat* You're fired.

Mr. Krabs: Where's the X? It's supposed to be right here. Ten-thousand paces east!
Patrick: Ohhhh. East? I thought you said, "weast."
Mr. Krabs: Weast? What kind of compass are you reading, lad?
Patrick: This one sir. *holds out compass*
Mr. Krabs: *looks at compass* That's west, Patrick.

Patrick: I'm so loyal, I haven't bathed in weeks.
SpongeBob: But we've only been out for a few hours.
Patrick: I know.

Mr. Krabs: So you think ol' Captain Krabs has gone crazy, do ye?
SpongeBob: Not at all, Captain Krabs. We don't think that at all.
Patrick: I think that.


Features on the Treasure Hunt Game Board:
-Brig (jail)
-Ship in water
-Forked tree
-Shark in water
-Palm trees
-Sand pile with "X" that hides treasure

Fish Eyes Mr. Krabs uses the dice term "fish eyes," which is a take on "snake eyes."

Game Pieces SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs all use purple game pieces when playing the board game (they'd better not get confused).

Abandoned The stool and game table stay outside at SpongeBob's door all night.

At the Tent There is a crow's nest and pirate flag on Mr. Krabs's tent.

On the Table Mr. Krabs has a compass (the kind for making circles) and pencil next to the treasure map in the tent.

Treasure Things in the treasure chest include gold pieces, pearl necklaces, a red high heel shoe and a red and blue gem.

Swords The Flying Dutchman has two swords above his bed.

Treasure Chest Holder The Flying Dutchman sticks the treasure chest in his coat.

Number of Times "Arrgh"/"Arg" are Said in This Episode: 20