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Episode Title: "All That Glitters"
Episode Airing Number: 72
Episode Production Number: 72 (?)
Original Airdate: June 2, 2006
Season: 4
On DVD: "Whale of a Birthday"
On VHS: (none)
Aired With Episode: "Wishing You Well"
Running Time: 10:49

Storyboard Directors: Erik Wiese and Zeus Cervas
Writers: Erik Wiese, Zeus Cervas and Steven Banks
Technical Director: Vincent Waller
Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom
Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

In Brief: SpongeBob's trusty spatula breaks at work and he gives everything he has for a fancy new one, only to learn buttons and gizmos may not fill the void of a good utensil.

Story: At the Krusty Krab one day, a customer orders a Monster Krabby Patty, which consists of a gigantic pile of meat SpongeBob must cook. As he's struggling to flip it on the stove, his spatula, Spat, breaks in half, sending him into a stage of misery. SpongeBob runs to the hospital to visit his friend. Spat is lying in a bed taped up with a heart monitor hooked up to him. The doctor (er, actor) tells SpongeBob he should look for a new spatula.
SpongeBob is walking downtown in grief when he notices a fancy spatula in a store window. He instantly perks up and wants to buy it, but the clerk wants more. He settles for every item SpongeBob has, including his clothes, and sells him it.
SpongeBob marches to the Krusty Krab with the Le Spatula 3000, shocking everyone along the way with his nudity. He shows it off to Mr. Krabs and Squidward in the kitchen. Mr. Krabs expects the high-tech gizmo to make more patties and money. When SpongeBob tries to flip patties with it, however, it doesn't do it. Instead, it ridicules SpongeBob and runs out of the Krusty Krab. Him and Mr. Krabs realize that a good spatula is a loyal one who helps you out and gets the job done well, not a fancy one with lots of buttons. SpongeBob goes out to find his old spatula.
At the hospital, SpongeBob mistakes the spatula in bed whose heart monitor flatlines for his. His old spatula is in a wheelchair in the infirmary, and SpongeBob is filled with joy to see him. However, the spatula feels betrayed and rejected and leaves, sending SpongeBob into another crying fit. When he walks back to the Krusty Krab, he finds Spat in the kitchen waiting for him. Thrilled that his friend's back, the two work together to make another Monster Krabby Patty.

Song: (none)

Doctor: There's no easy way to say this: SpongeBob, if I were you, I would give serious consideration to start thinking about...a replacement spatula.

SpongeBob: Thank you, Doctor.
Doctor: Oh, I'm not a doctor. I'm an actor who's searching for a role.

SpongeBob: Replacement could anything ever replace - HEY LOOK AT THAT!

SpongeBob: Well I've got some loose change in my pocket. *pulls out wads of cash* Will this cover it?
Clerk: Ummm...*types into calculator and prints a long receipt* No.

SpongeBob: But I thought we were friends.
Le Spatula 3000: Friends with you? HA! We are not even in the same social class.

SpongeBob: *dramatic moment, complete with the music and emotion* I had a spatula once. A real spatula. Once that stood by me through thick and thin, through grease and gristle, and I betrayed his loyalty like a fool.
Mr. Krabs: I always did like your own spatular. It got the job done right every time.
SpongeBob: You're right, Mr. Krabs. The true measure of a spatula is by his actions, not by some fancy chrome and buttons. I've gotta find my old spatula.
Mr. Krabs: Go to him. Go now, boy! Go before I lose all me customers! *jerks tears*

Doctor: SpongeBob, I hate to tell you this.
SpongeBob: I know. He's moved on to the big kitchen drawer in the sky. He's gone!
Doctor: Actually, it's not that. I didn't get the acting part.
SpongeBob: Oh, I'm so sorry.


Forget the Other Patties The hands place the pile of meat for the Monster Krabby Patty on four Krabby Patties grilling, completely forgetting about them for the Monster Patty to be made.

Places where SpongeBob cries after Spat breaks:
-Kitchen stove
-Squidward in the cashier's boat
-Mr. Krabs
-Table of two customers
-Two police officers outside
-A baby in a carriage, who cries along with SpongeBob
-A mirror at home
-In a psychiatrist's office
-On top of a rock with Patrick, who also cries along with SpongeBob
-At the ambulance as Spat is driven away

SpongeBob's memories with Spat:
-Frying Krabby Patties and hugging the spatula, leaving a burn mark on his cheek
-Flipping a patty in the air
-Laying on the beach and using Spat to flip him over to tan his back
-Using the spatula as a backscratcher in the kitchen
-Winning a table tennis game using Spat as a paddle
-Retrieving a remote under furniture using Spat
-Fighting off a pirate and sending him off a cliff using his spatula as a sword

Fancy Fred The fish at the store with the fancy spatula is the one known as Fred, who in this episode has a British accent and a sophisticated vibe. The same man is seen in the beginning of the episode in the Krusty Krab, dressed in his normal brown slacks instead of his suit.

Things SpongeBob gives for Le Spatula:
-Piles and piles of cash from his pocket
-The contents of five piggy banks
-A large sparkling diamond under Gary's shell
-His house
-His pants and shoes

Too Rich for Shoes? The fancy store clerk doesn't wear shoes.

Time of Day It's evening when SpongeBob walks back to the Krusty Krab with the Le Spatula, according to how he greets a guy he passes him.

Spatulas Within a Spatula The Le Spatula 3000 can whip out ten spatulas with the push of a button.

Same Pronounciations Like Mr. Krabs, the doctor fish also says "spatular."

Crybaby SpongeBob also cries excessively, even rolling back and forth like a log, in "Grandma's Kisses."